Fire Sale of Seats in Trinity Road Stand at Villa Park for Everton Game

Fire Sale

While some Aston Villa season ticket holders who have had enough of the trauma of watching their team limp towards relegation are selling off their seats for cheap on Aston Villa’s resale partner (aka legalised tout) Seatwave’s website, it seems the club too are following suit and having a fire sale on seats in a desperate attempt to cut their losses.

In the A1 & A8 wings of the Trinity Stand blocks of tickets that normally cost in the region of £37 have been put up for sale for £15 (plus booking fee) for tonight’s Everton game.

Season Ticket Holder Angst

When you have a total of 148 tickets in the A1 block available for exactly the same price, this isn’t individual season ticket holders offering up tickets (in other blocks around the ground there are odd seats for sale here and there). While there is nothing wrong with this, it seems to be done under the radar, so as not to upset season ticket holders, whose average spend will be well in excess of the £15 price.


seatwave aston villa prices


It’s certainly another reason why season ticket holders in the past five-plus consecutive seasons should get some kind of rebate discount if they renew their season tickets next season, which is one of the points in the proposed Supporter Charter for AVFC Improvement.

Missed Loop Hole

Another issue with this giveaway is that it is not mentioned on the official Aston Villa online booking page. The seats are clearly blocked out, with the only seats in A1 available being £37 for an adult. Put it this way, you wouldn’t be too happy, if you bought a £37 pound ticket to find out at the game, that the person sitting a few seats behind you paid £15.


everton villa prices


On the bright side, if you wanted to see the most played game in the football league for potentially the last time for a while, at least there is a cheap option. And, if you intend to walk out on the 74th minute, you wouldn’t be wasting too much money.


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