Fever for Thierry Henry as Aston Villa Boss Cools as Reality Kicks in

There’s been new bookies favourite for the Aston Villa job almost every day for the past week. First, it was Dean Smith, then it was David Moyes and now it’s Thierry Henry…oh, hang on a minute, if he doesn’t get the job, then Roberto Martinez is the supposed favourite.

The latest direction in the press has been that Henry with John Terry as his number two are being lined up. Whether “the dream ticket” or “perfect pair” are simply wishful thinking, remains to be seen.

Word on the Street

According to reports today coming out of the Belgium international camp, as they prepare for their Nations League match against Switzerland on Friday evening, the Belgium Football Federation are “convinced he will be staying with them”.

Judging from photos today from the training camp, it seems to be business for usual for Henry, although Sky TV reports suggest he is very much undecided about his future.

Also, Ex-manager Harry Redknapp, after speaking to John Terry at a function on Monday evening, said on Talksport, while Terry admitted his own interest, Henry seems unlikely.

“I don’t think Thierry’s going to go there,” said Redknapp, on the radio. “I don’t think that’s going to happen, that’s what I’ve heard.

Unfinished Business

After finishing third in the World Cup with Belgium, both Martinez and Henry will feel they have unfinished business with the Red Devils. Both have the clear aim of trying to win the Euros in two years with the Belgian ‘golden generation’.

While Martinez has also been linked, it’s very unlikely indeed that’ll he’ll give up on his Belgian quest now. Considering he’s already turned down several approaches by Premier League clubs, since he’s been an international boss; managing Villa in the Championship won’t change his stance.

Henry Decision

As for Henry, unless the Villa board have fully organised the footballing structure of the club (which currently doesn’t exist), in terms of locking in a technical director and impressive backroom staff, it’s unlikely that the ex-Arsenal striker will risk his current position and go into anything on blind impulse.

Also, Monaco, Henry’s first club as a player, are looking for a new manager and they may offer him a sentimental option he can’t turn down. They’ll be a safer challenge in terms of the expectations of their domestic league and he’ll also have the chance to manage in the Champions League too.

Perhaps his intentions will become public once Belgium’s game with Switzerland is out the way.

Belgium play Holland on Tuesday night in a friendly and surely Villa can’t wait until after that for an answer from the Frenchman.

Will there be a new bookies favourite tomorrow?


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  1. The dream ticket Smith and Terry. Hope we can get Terry to play too but I doubt it. Welcome gents. Let’s look to the future. I hope FFP mess Bruce has left does not have too much impact. But I fear it may.

  2. id love to see brendon rogers in and john terry as his number 2, now that would be a splash.

  3. Raph Hassenhutl all the way for me…A left field appointment and did wonders with Leipzig and Ingolstadt..

  4. Just one more point, Harry Redknapp says Terry will take the job but what he didn’t say was that he does not yet have the necessary qualifications and won’t have for several weeks so not in any position to accept a managers job. But there you go Pundits Press they’re all the same bunch of numpties.

  5. The press seem to be picking our next manager as usual, they are having a ball at the moment at our expense but personally to me they’re just a joke, at the end of the day our new owners and no one else will make the decision and that’s good enough for me, in any case we can’t do anything about it so let’s just relax and get on with it. I only hope that it won’t be Moyes or Martínez.

  6. Good shout ref Roberto

    TH could be just hasslin’ over how much wedge, state of the accounts and er so on.

    Terry as honcho #1 just doesn’t pass the smell test, if it was June maybe but too much for almost November

    Has to be in seven or less days from now, my guess is Monday & leakage on the Sunday

    See you in CJ

  7. Looks like Handball Henry has more sense than the owners…..or is just lacking in the cojones dept.

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