FC Dallas vs Aston Villa Live! (Villa won 2-0 (Weimann & N’Zogbia))

So who’s up for a spot of 2am Aston Villa action?

FC Dallas are kindly streaming the match tonight via their YouTube station, which we have embedded below. It’s a welcome relief from AVTV. Hopefully they’ll have American commentators, as I remember the Chicago Fire commentators were great a couple of years ago. Hopefully they’ll be fun this time, as they need to be to keep us awake!

The game kicks-off at 8pm Dallas time and 2am UK time. If you click play the YouTube stream below, there is a countdown clock to the game.

Villa team line-ups for both halves are under the video stream. Apparently Joe Cole is injured already! Potentially out for a couple of weeks.

Enjoy. UTV!


First half AVFC line-up – Given, Hutton, Okore, Stevens, Baker, Herd, Bacuna, Gardner, Weimann, Bent and Grealish.

Second half AVFC line-up – Given, Lowton, Senderos, Clark, Bennett, Westwood, El Ahmadi, Delph, N’Zogbia, Agbonlahor, Richardson.


‘Do you want to bet against us?’ COYVB!


  1. Yes, thanks for the link. Didn’t see the whole game as the chat descended in US UK baiting, but did see both goals. Enda did have a good game, Hutton will get caught out in the PL if he goes forward as much as he did last night, Okore did well covering, but Senderos wouldn’t have the pace. The 451 with Bent up front leaves us giving up half the pitch as no one presses, and most of the wide players want to naturally play inside all the time. I thought Weimann would be the perfect partner for Bent, but he played out wide again. Only when those two combined up front did we score. Herd and Baker were my non performers in the first half. As for long ball, their centre halves were 6’3 and 6’4 respectively, they had the air covered.
    Nzog was standout for the few minutes of the second half I saw,. Given needs to put down the pasties. Overall I thought we will get murdered in the Prem, we were flattered by the scoreline really, the wall should have done better on the free kick, and keeper was very close to saving Weimann’s effort. In the first half we didn’t have shedloads of chances and we messed up most of the ones we did get.

    Oh, and Joe Cole injured during the warm up, not the greatest omen.

  2. Thanks MOMS for the link to the match, was watching from Perth, Australia at 9.00am, so good time for me. Thought Enda Stevens played well, as did (dare I say it) Hutton. Grealish looked relaxed and confident too. Second half, good displays from N’Zogbia, Lowton and Delph.
    Villa played a lot of good stuff, especially on the ground, no hoof-ball. If we can incorporate this style of play during the upcoming season, we may even do well!

    • The USA game timings worked out great for Australia. Makes a change, I remember some of the times I was watching Villa games when I lived there for a couple of years. Beers at breakfast etc.

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