Fabian Delph’s Snakes on a Plane Mocking of Villa Fans Will Backfire

Snakes on a Plane

Have you ever heard of the expression ‘don’t play with the piranha’? Well, add to it ‘especially if you’re a snake’…

Fabian Delph and Raheem Sterling thought it would be a clever and humourous idea to taunt Aston Villa and Liverpool fans, with an Instagram photo of them on an England flight to San Marino using a couple of snake emoji symbols.

The gag references the Samuel L Jackson film Snakes on a Plane.

The snake emoji symbols have constantly been used by upset and angered football fans to represent both players on social media, after their respective judas acts in the summer transfer window.

In terms of Delph, it was the signing of a new contract in January and then the player and club banging a big loyalty drum, without revealing a £8m release clause that effectively meant Delph wouldn’t play again for Villa after the FA Cup final.

The loyalty roadshow was repeated in the summer when he was about to move to Manchester City, but then perhaps saw the hypocrisy of going back on his earlier loyalty pledge.

It only took a few days for him to change his mind again, and while his pregnant wife was an excuse good enough to stop him joining Villa’s preseason trip to Portugal, it was quickly forgotten as he jetted off to Australia to join City’s.

fabian delph snake

Now these two knuckle heads may think this is ‘banter’ but what they’ve actually done is turned the heat up on themselves by several degrees, when they both visit their respective former clubs.

Either they’re a bit dumb or they simply don’t care.

It’s a picture that pretty much sums up the modern game.

Here’s two players that have shat on fans’ devotion and support to get as much money as possible, playing for a team that in this summer’s transfer window has pretty much purchased this season’s league title.

And now, they think it’s funny.

Quite frankly, they’ll deserve everything they get.

For Delph, his judgement day will come on November 8th when Manchester City visit Villa Park. The former Villa midfielder should get a rough welcome.

Delph’s replacement, Idrissa Gueye, has already gone a long way in replacing the over-rated contribution Delph made to Villa – after all he only managed three league goals and six assists in five years at Villa.


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  1. Fabian won’t receive any flack from the Villa fans because he won’t see the field! Haha should have talked to Scotty and Micah before he chased the money and ‘glory’ of winning a title from the bench. He’ll be begging for a spot on a mid table team in a few years, mark my words.

    • I don’t think we are fickle…..just waking up to reality
      3 goals and 6 assists is what I would call ” overrated”….we were just blind to it.

  2. I tried to comment yesterday but lost my internet signal. As a Villa fan I agree with many other that he was a disloyal snake with very little intelligence, have you ever heard him speak! However lets move on as he has been replaced by a better player in Idrissa and lets face it he had one good season. Let him sit on the bench because he has a number of players ahead at City and then watch his internationl place disappear. Yhen we will be able to mock.

  3. As a Villa fan it’s hard to ignore this, but at the end of the day what’s the point in concerning ourselves with anything Delph related be it on TV, twitter, facebook whatever.. It was in very bad taste how he left the club but it’s in the past now. For what it’s worth I think Idrissa “Gana” Gueye looks an exceptional signing and a more than adequate replacment, in time I think we’ll realise how much better off we are that he left.

  4. Has anyone considered that Delph may genuinely decided to reject City but then had second thoughts when he considered the security for his family and the increased prospects of winning trophies?

  5. Delph is just proving what a complete and utter excuse for a man he is. Apparently he wanted to make his family proud of him by winning trophies but I think his actions will have the opposite effect on his family if they are decent people.

  6. This whole episode became tedius a long time ago. People need to stop being so menstral, why are people even still following what delph does, why do people care. when will people realise all a football plc is to these players is the name on a pay slip. I echo the sentiment of some of the other comments, delph is the past, move on. Do you really think delph or sterling will give a shit about abit of abuse when they visit VP and Anfield. You pay me 10% of their weekly wage and you can call me every name under the sun for 90 minutes and I’ll take it with a smile. People need to get over it and over themselves and see modern day football for what it really is. Delph I really couldn’t care less about, I’m happy that the money from his fee has been reinvested and now we can look to the future, abit of excitement even though the future is uncertain it’s the most excitement I’ve seen at the club since MON 1st came in.

  7. I remember seeing a cutaway to the crowd at one of “Barca”‘s later UCL games last season (semi I think). All you could see was row upon row of middle aged yuppies clearly at the game by themselves – cos only they can afford the tickets now. And that’s what I ‘m seeing here now – only in Comment form. When the camels bark and the tents move on, because Sheik Frank Zappa-whoever has grown bored of you not winning anything that counts these days, you’ll be on to the next pump-and-dump club…..MK Dons perhaps. Soccer!

  8. Basically they’re both just attention whores. These kind are not in the slightest bothered who they upset or do the dirty on as they have no morals it’s all just about money & attention.

    So frankly i don’t give a monkeys what they do all i care about is going to a game as a day out and i can take it or leave that now too tbh.

    Football used to be in my blood when it actually meant something but money has ruined the game now and made it a bit of a joke really.

    All of these token trophies the few mega wealthy clubs are accumulating just don’t mean much to anyone except their own fans any more and their “achievements” simply do not command any respect from the masses due to the unfair advantage they enjoy. That’s a real shame in my opinion.

    Ask yourself this for example… Would you respect a driver for winning a Formula 1 race if he was the only one allowed to have a Formula 1 car and all the other drivers were only allowed to have a normal road car?!

    I think not! But we are basically looking at exactly that situation in the Premier League and indeed in most of the Big League’s in World football

    This has been compounded by the meddling of power drunken fools at organisations such as FIFA and UEFA who then turned an already unlevel playing field into what amounts to a closed shop by introducing ridiculous restrictions on clubs, of which Villa would be one, after the horse had already bolted & some clubs like Chelsea & Man City had already gained a huge advantage thus making it impossible for the rest to be competitive! So before fans come on here throwing accusations at teams like Villa for not investing in the team just remember that they have not been allowed to invest in the team by the ridiculous FFP rules! This removes even more credibility from the achievements of those wealthy clubs to the point of farce in my opinion!

    Then of course we have a huge swathe of biased decisions going in favour of those clubs as the officials know if they err against them they will likely be lambasted on a 30 minute loop cycle for the next month on SSN and other media because all those media companies care about is global viewing figures therefore the same few teams basically are on a 24 hour pro advertising campaign whilst the achievements of the rest are virtually ignored or seldom mentioned. This pressures the officials massively and explains the unbelievable number of poor decisions in favour of those teams.

    So football is tainted in my opinion and is no longer a game for passion filled men who triumph in the face of adversity and the hard fought victories truly mean something.

    No, it’s now a game of boys ,,You know, the kind who would disrespect thousands of young kids who had idolised them and supported them through difficult times, a bit like the two who this whole thread is about.

    Hang your heads in shame, footballers are supposed to be idols to young kids not to publicly disrespect the very fans who used to idolise them.

  9. Don’t play with a Piranha?, get a life, it’s ‘Don’t play with Fire’ or your liable to get burn’t. Do your bloody research before running your mouth off, It was Raheem Sterling who posted the Instagram message and not Fabian Delph. Stupid morons attract stupid morons and I see a few here also running their mouthes off.

  10. I really like Man City and have nothing at all against them as a club and but do have real issues with the clown Delph.

    Unless he is even thicker than I thought he must have realised that he was going to Man City as a reserve, does anyone really think that if the manger asked his scouts to compile a list of 20 top class European midfielders to sign that his name would even be on the list ! Just bought his passport as a token brit.- not many games then

    His replacement at Villa looks much better with far more technical ability

    Just money, beyond contempt


  11. If you arent happy with how the contract was portrayed in January then your beef is with the club not the player if he had not signed he could have left on a free but he signed and you got £8m and I would have thought you would be cheering that he has gone as you now have a better player replacing him

    Both Liverpool fans and Villa fans have given these two young men dogs abuse since announcing they wanted to leave their clubs yet you havent complained when your club have bought players why is that i wonder? Oh thats right because football fans are hypocrites

    If you are too precious to not take “banter” then maybe fans shouldnt give it

    • You’re missing the point of the ‘loyalty roadshow’ which was rammed down our throats.

      ‘Yet you haven’t complained when your club have bought players why is that i wonder? Oh thats right because football fans are hypocrites’ Huh? Your second paragraph doesn’t prove any points. If a club sells their best players, they better replace them. In Villa’s case if they didn’t replace Delph and Benteke, it was certain relegation.

    • Are you unable to read? How anyone rates him is irrelevant. It is simply the fact that rather than just keep his trap shut, he deceived and lied to the fans more than once (hence no issues with Benteke), making those declarations of loyalty and about the “kind of person he is”, Moneyballlying to kids who then get his name on their shirt because of his loyalty, only for him to leave only days after his final declaration of loyalty.

  12. Putting the troll nonsense aside (and giving some respect to Paul Schofield – nice post!) I’ve got to say this is embarrassing me as a Villa fan. He could have walked with no fee a year ago and Villa would probably have gone down. He stayed an extra year, got us £8m and I genuinely think got caught between loyalty and affection for Villa (well we’ve buggered that haven’t we?) and the chance to win a trophy in the short playing life of a footballer.

    This is the kind of whiny nonsense I expect from Scousers and Geordies. It doesn’t reflect well on us.

    • The way the whole episode from signing the new contract to the way his several changes of heart were handled, was a complete insult to supporters. Don’t play the ‘poor player, he only wanted to win something in his small fragile career’ card. Maybe if him and his buddies turned up at Wembley for the FA Cup final, he might have had a chance.

      If he wanted to give £8m back. Sign the contract. Don’t mention the word ‘loyalty’ and then sign for City and bugger off in the summer, without the drama.

  13. Did we really expect him to shuffle around with his head bowed for an amount of time alloted by us? Overreacting to a Twitter photo makes us look smalltime.

  14. Makes me laugh these city fans coming on sites like they’re billy big bollocks just because they were adopted by sheikh yet money. You need to remember where you were, when you lot winning trophies was as rare as rocking horse shit.
    The money you have spent you should be winning everything but you won’t again.
    Bye the way if you want to see the European cup up close nip down to villa park, we’ve got one.
    Lets hope the overrated snakes get what’s coming to then.
    Typical scumbag footballers showing complete disregard to supporters.
    Beware shity fans it will happen to you again some day when the sheikh gets fed up with his toy.

  15. To the author of this juvenile garbage I pose a couple of genuine questions. One, what trade do you work in? And two, if you were offered to move to a different company within the same industry for double the salary would you make the move? If you answer yes to the latter question you’re an absolute snake. Although, of course, you wouldn’t be. You’d be simply human. Sterling and delph moved to further their careers, it’s as fundamental as that. The sooner these bitter fans swallow that and move on the less pathetic you will show yourself to be.

    • The Villa supporter outrage to Delph is, as I’ve replied in other comments, about the way his new contract was announced and handled back in January. It was presented to us as the second coming and the buzz word ‘loyalty’ force-feed down our throats…no mention of a paltry £8m release clause, which basically meant he’d never play another game for Villa again after the FA Cup final. Then after he realised his hypocrisy and had temporary crisis of conscious, he gave us all the loyalty spiel again, before buggering off days later. That’s always been the snake issue here. Villa supporters already know it, maybe I should have included it again in the intro.

      If he just went, no problem. Modern football is all about the cash. Simple as that.

    • To answer your question Cain. Yes, I would move to another Company if I was offered the chance to double my salary. But I also wouldn’t profess my loyalty to my previous employer, decide to go, change my mind, spouting more loyalty and then do a U turn a few days later. People in all walks of life deserve the truth and, in Delph’s case, that was sadly lacking. Nobody would deny him the chance of winning trophies but there are ways of going about it.

  16. is this really “mocking Villa fans”? I think you’re being way too precious. If anything they are being slightly self deprecating IMO. There’s always some soft sod desperate to take offence anything though. Usually it’s a Liverpool fan who is unable accept the rather ordinary scenario that players leave football clubs sometimes, seems Villa fans are just as soft.

    • As I said in another comment. Players come and go, but th Delph beef isn’t about him necessarily going to City, it’s how it all played out. Villa presented him has ‘Mr Loyalty’ in January with a video presentation before a match to announce a new contract, then they marketed the hell out of his loyalty statements etc, saying he was staying for good, it was his club, love the supporters, blah, blah, blah. Then he did it again, after he was rumbled to be looking to leave in the summer. And then despite two Delph loyalty roadshows, he f**ked off anyway!

  17. What these two players have chosen to do is join a club with the ambition to win trophies. I say fair play for having a dig back at all the villa and liverpool fans who have it in their heads they are ‘big’ clubs when in reality they are average mid table teams.
    Funny how ‘class’ delph was until he joined city , then as if by magic he is a talentless hack.
    Get with it villa , if you’re not going to invest in your first team and academy your not going to win trophies its not 1925 anymore with teams made of local lads , its a global game in which you have an owner interested in profit not success.

    • Join a club who pay for trophies don’t you mean?

      The Delph beef isn’t about him necessarily going to City, it’s how it all played out. Villa presented him has ‘Mr Loyalty’ in January with a video presentation before a match to announce a new contract, then they marketed the hell out of his loyalty statements etc, saying he was staying for good, it was his club, love the supporters, blah, blah, blah. Then he did it again, after he was rumbled to be looking to leave in the summer. And then despite two Delph loyalty roadshows, he f**ked off anyway!

      If he just left, no one would have bothered that much, because the rank averageness of the team, that you rightly say lacks ambition, made him look good.

      • Pay for them, buy them….who cares? They win them. Same result and the ‘history’ books will same the same thing.

  18. You know as a City fan I know my club will have carved a successful path when we have won as many trophies as Villa.

    But this bitter small town diatribe does a great club no credit. Just exactly what do you imagine fans are meant to ‘come prepared’ with; witty banter or something much uglier.

    If you don’t like modern football don’t watch it and don’t take the advertising on your site that interest in it generates.

    If you don’t like greed in the game reflect on the part your own club played in ushering in the Premiership, a far greater one than MCFC ever played at the time.

    • Well, you’ve pretty much bought the league title this season by the amount of cash you spent in the summer, so you’ll be catching up on the trophy front.

      ‘Come prepared’ – refers to the link that it pointed to – namely witty banter. If this website was about how to breed snakes, it would have advertising on to help pay for running it. That point not really relevant in this context.

      Football is not a sport any more. i watch as little as possible. I only watch Villa games and don’t subscribe to any TV packages etc. The owners of MCFC & CFC simply took advantage of a game that the FA, UEFA, FIFA were clueless in administrating and for which they had very little foresight for.

      I always had a lot of time for Man City fans, but now they support a club who should win the league every season, or they’ve failed.

      • ‘Football’s not a sport any more I watch as little as possible’ Yet you run a website all about a team that plays at the pinnacle of the sport and probably has one of the highest turnovers of any in world football. The moral high ground you think you are standing on exists entirely between your ears.

        • I’ll spell it out to you – I just watch Villa games. Not moral high ground at all. Because of the website, that’s enough time spent on football already, without the need to waste more time on watching predictable yearly events like Manchester City’s failings in the Champions League.

          PS – If you can pass on the ‘highest turnovers of any in world football’ bit to Randy Lerner, that would be appreciated.

          • Instead of trolling my club when I’ve offered yours nothing but respect why don’t you try listening to some of your fellow fans. Seriously this does you no credit.

  19. some players really do ask for abuse, but as a neutral I find it hilarious. However Sterling can laugh he’ll get played, Delph won’t ahaha. Have your say at betfect.com/talk

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