Fabian Delph’s Walk of Shame From His City Medical (Video)

The Villa Park circus reached new embarrassing heights when Fabian Delph was videoed (see below) by Sky Sports News leaving his Manchester City medical today having only made a U-turn last week to once again pledge his ‘loyalty’ to the club.

False Statement

Having believed to have been on his way to Manchester City earlier in the month (a fact both Tim Sherwood and Ray Wilkins confirmed), on the 11th July the club issued the following statement:

Aston Villa captain Fabian Delph has confirmed he will be remaining at the club and leading the team into the new season.

He said: “I’m aware there has been intense media speculation surrounding my future in the last 24 hours and I want to set the record straight.

“I’m not leaving. I’m staying at the football club and I can’t wait for the start of the season and captaining this great football club.”

Fabian Delph Medical

But not even a week on, Villa supporters are now subjected to the sight of Fabian Delph leaving his medical at City.


Basically, Mr Delph has lied…repeatedly and even in the flesh to Villa fans he met last weekend.

With the new season only three weeks away, Villa face loosing its two prized assets, both its captain and leading (only) goalscorer Christian Benteke, before the opener at Bournemouth on August 8th. That is shambolic preparation in anybody’s book.

The pressure will seriously be on Villa boss Tim Sherwood to navigate his way through the latest episode of the never ending Villa Park soap opera, which although never dull is becoming rather tedious in the context of the club’s ambition.

One thing is for sure, Delph is probably advised to pull a sicky come Saturday November 7th when Manchester City visit Villa Park. Such was the loyalty bandwagon made by the player and club in January, when he signed his new contract, and the farce of the last few weeks, no player in Villa’s history would have attained such a ‘Judas’ status in the eyes of the fans.

Any fan who brought a new replica shirt in the past week with Delph’s name on it is strongly advised to take it back to the club shop and get their money back.

In the meantime, we wish Tim Sherwood the best if luck trying to pick up the pieces for the new season ahead. UTV

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  1. I live in Australia, been going for the villa nearly 20 years. Benteke I have little problem with, though I would like him to stay he has done nothing wrong in his wanting to leave.
    However Delph…… I nearly forked out a small fortune to get a new strip sent to me with your name on it. Glad I didn’t get round to it.
    Wanting to leave ….. Ok I accept it. Lying repeatedly to fans who adore you ….. Crass and tasteless.
    I thought sterling was the biggest sod in English football but your sir have won that prize (maybe it should be a trophy) cos at least he was honest!!
    We will survive and we will go on cos we are the villa.
    Posted by a LOYAL fan thousands of miles away and by loyal I mean i wouldn’t support that plastic club city even if they paid me…….

  2. We would understand if you didn’t sign the contract (every player wants to win trophies), we could understand if a large bid from a Champions League team was too much to turn down, but THIS!! To twice preach about loyalty! To twice say our club is too great to leave! To say how much you owe our club for standing by you through injury and (until the last couple of seasons) poor form. You Fabian Delph are the pinnacle of classless footballers. In this modern game of poor characters you are setting a new standard, even Sterling had the balls to be honest!

  3. Their saying he got the same offer, He done wrong but I understand. He sees Benteke leaving and wonders did he mess up? Was it his last chance to play for a big club? What might be if the best player go? As high as I rate the job Sherwood did last year this isn’t going to be easy to pull around .

  4. I reckon Sherwood was already planning for his defection with his buys and told Delph to get lost.
    If he didnt, he should have done. Delph is confirmed as a proven liar.

  5. Depressed, as a Villa fan that the club has sank so low that this could happen to us. Depressed, as a human being that someone could be so spineless and two faced.
    Surprised, that I should care so much and feel so deflated and gutted.

  6. If he had just left initially he could have done so with integrity. He has served us well, after saying he will stay and allowing people to blow their cash on shirts it would be the actions of a weak, pathetic selfish individual and i find it hard to believe judging his previous behavior. Cant deny it seems true.

  7. Ain’t done yet, although yes pretty damning and if it comes to pass would be a great social commentary. And a measure of the man.

    Wonder if a) he got an offer he couldn’t refuse, or b) England called and said no European experience no Euros ’16. Well, means Gueye is a starter, be a shame if he doesn’t get a work permit.

    Villa never did get their head round FFP, you have to ignore it, then fight it, and then wait for the rules to change.

    Finally, not an auspicious start Mr new director of football.

  8. Can we be sure the footage is from today and not from his last trip to City. I can’t believe Delph could turn again so quickly.
    Hugely disappointed if true.

  9. We have historically lost big players time and time again, and still we fight on. We shouldn’t really be surprised. Move and and get behind Tim and the team.

    This Deplh saga needs to be put to bed asap so we can get on with preparing for the season!


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