Everything You Need to Know About Villa Park’s Future

New Insights into the Altered North Stand Rebuild Plans

On Wednesday afternoon, MOMS attended the public consultation for the proposed renovations of the North Stand, which will soon be submitted for planning permission. This process is expected to be a mere formality, as the adjustments to the existing plan have already been approved.

The core change was not pursuing the idea of ‘Villa Live’ a new build Box Park type of building that was expected to be a ongoing live music venue outside of match days. Originally, they had intended to level the existing academy building, but now they will refurbish it to house a similar match day Box Park experience. Rather than a downgrade, it looks to potentially be a smarter move in terms of maximising the club’s spend in the face of inflation and unfavourable macro economic forces.

The club’s Villa Park offices will also be housed in the building, while the club shop and a cafe/bar/lounge complex will be introduced into the new North Stand rebuild plans.

At the consultation meeting, MOMS stuck around to talk to all the relevant parties in the Villa Park development – from the architects to the building and travel project managers – to get a fuller insight of the job in-hand, to provide listeners of the My Old Man Said podcast show with the big picture, in terms of both the short and long term future of Villa Park.

Everything is covered, including: Chris Heck’s actual influence, the transport plans, time scale, where the badge stands in all of this, and much, much more.

This would normally be a MOMS members-only show and there’s more detail in this podcast show then will appear on the website on the matter, so it’s worth a listen, if you want a fuller insight into the North Stand development.


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