Infamous Villan Erika Roe Naked Again.

Erika Roe Naked…Again

I was wondering why MOMS was getting a surge in traffic today for Erika Roe…she’s gone naked again.

Roe infamously came to fame by streaking across the Twickenham pitch at half-time of a England vs Australia rugby game in 1982 (a few months before Villa became Champions of Europe).  She would then be pictured standing in front of Villa Park, confessing to be a Villa fan.

Roe had lived a low-key existence since and was last heard living in Portugal with her husband and three kids, plying their trade as ‘sweet potato’ farmers, but now some 32 years after her streak, she is going naked again.

Roe will be pictured in a calendar for 2015 to raise awareness of breast cancer, after her sister Jessie fell victim to it last year.

The Erika Roe calendar is a family affair down to the fact that the pictures were taken by her daughter Imogen.

Of course this presents an opportunity for the likes of the Daily Mail to show Erika Roe naked to get away with some link-bait titillation in the same week they suddenly showed an interest in Danish Ladies football, simply because a picture emerged of the Brondby ladies team celebrating a win that showed a couple of the players showing their butt cheeks.

The Carry On approach in the objectification of woman continues in the mainstream press, but maybe that’s one for Media Muppets.

For those interested in the Erika’s calendar and to see what she looks like now, you can check her website out here. It’s for a good cause and that shouldn’t be overlooked. UTV

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  1. She did forget to mention that she claimed to be drunk at the time, but drunk or not it was a great sight on the day, and didn’t she look good in the Villa shirt.
    Big respect to her for doing the calender for a worthy cause.

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