Is Emile Heskey One Step Away From His Own Reality TV Show?

A Venglos View


The Australian Media’s embracing of Emile Heskey down under is a resurrection that only Jesus has perhaps matched. Heskey was nailed to the proverbial cross at Villa Park by many fans and AVTV would struggle to string together a few seconds of highlights for his time at Villa, nevermind give Heskey his own camera during a match.

As the Australian advert below says, you can press the red button and get a Heskeycam while watching Newcastle Jets games.


It’s got to be free view, right?


To be honest, Heskey has done what any smart player should do when nudging mid-thirties, in picking his next club as a lifestyle choice. Plying your trade in Australia or the USA sure beats the thankless task of slumming it in England’s lower leagues during the English winter. If Heskey mania grows anymore, a reality show and fragrance can’t be far away.

The ‘Heskeycam’ to most of us is a surreal concept to comprehend., but you’ve got to admit, it’s tempting to search google for internet streams of it the next time he plays for the Jets!



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