Discounted Train Travel Continues for Aston Villa Supporters

Avanti West Coast Continue Discounts

In the past couple of seasons Aston Villa season ticket holders and claret members have been able to enjoy 20% off selected advance fares travelling on Virgin Trains. With the swap over of the franchise from Virgin to Avanti West Coast at the start of December, there was the possibility for savings on trains for Villans would be over, but alas not.

Avanti will carry over the discount to help supporters get more affordable travel on matchdays and beyond.

The deal allows you to save money whether you’re coming to Villa Park, watching Villa away from home or travelling anywhere across the West Coast Mainline.

Looking closer at the terms and conditions, it seems that Avanti are trialling the offer until 31 March 2020.

Booking is simple, just head to or tap below to arrange your discounted journey.

You’ll just need to obtain your FAN ID from your Season Card.

Also, each booking may be made for up to 9 passengers, including children. There are no further discounts for Railcards.

It’s certainly good to see the initiative for Villa supporters continue into 2020.


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