Disappointment For Aston Villa Fans Over Blues Away Ticket Allocation

This time, last season, MOMS was reporting that due to improved behaviour from both sets of fans, there were baby steps made in increasing allocations for the Second City derby. Last year, there was a 5% increase with the allocation going up to 2,100.

At the recent Away Supporter Consultation meeting at Villa Park, MOMS asked the question if we were to expect any further increase this season for the game at St Andrew’s (or whatever silly name it’s called now) in March, but unfortunately, after a recent meeting between the clubs, it was decided to freeze the allocation at 2,100.

Also, present at the local club meeting was West Brom and it’s thought the Villa allocation at the Hawthorns will be around the same (and the low amount will be reciprocated by Villa when it comes to WBA away fans at Villa Park). The spectre of the FA Cup quarter final of 2015 still seems to be very much in the air.

In terms of other more immediate upcoming allocations:

Blackburn (Saturday 15th September 5.30pm)

Villa will get an allocation of 6,800.

Prices will be:

Adults          £27
Seniors 65+ £19
18-21’s        £15
U-18’s          £8
U-12’s          £6

Tickets go on sale 20th August online from 5pm

(There will be £3 price increase on the day, if still on sale)

Bristol (Friday 28th 7.45pm)

Villa will get an allocation of 2,600

Adults           £32
Seniors 65+ £29
U-25             £29
U-22’s          £26
U-19’s          £15
U-12             £10

Tickets go on sale Monday 3rd September online 5pm

During the Away Fan Consultation Group meeting the subject of the controversial Away Season Ticket scheme was discussed. It was expressed to the club, while we weren’t happy about the fashion it was announced with no consultation from supporters, it was in their interests to contact members and clear up some apparent misunderstandings of the scheme. They agreed to.

Also, the allocation category drop of 15 aways to zero, will be improved with the group recommending at least adding another category of say 10 aways.

More news and the official minutes from the Away Consultation Group meeting to come.


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