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My Old Man Said articles on Aston Villa’s younger crop of players

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Rushian Hepburn-Murphy Has Decision to Make as Other Club Shows Interest

Reported Interest The Daily Mail report that Rangers are interested in Rushian Hepburn-Murphy, whose current deal expires next summer, raises some interesting questions.According to the newspaper,...
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Villa vs Arsenal U21 Promotion Play-off Final Ticket and Travel Details

U21 Promotion Play-off Final After ending last season with a Wembley date with Arsenal, next week sees Villa close the this season with a double...
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Support Aston Villa Under-21’s Promotion Push as Season Reaches Climax

After months of discontent shown by Aston Villa supporters, including a series of Aston Villa supporter protests organised by the Aston Villa Protest Group...

Another Thing Aston Villa Will Miss Out on Due to Relegation

It's already well-known that Aston Villa couldn't have picked a worse time to get relegated from the financial point-of-view. Next season the TV deal...
aston villa academy

The Best Aston Villa Academy Players at the Moment

Bodymoor Heath has been shrouded in gloom throughout winter but the first rays of spring sunshine have turned thoughts to lambs, blossom and new...
aston villa academy

A Call for Young Blood as an Era and a Season Draw Towards a...

Time For Aston Villa Youth? This season has been an unprecedented disaster, no doubt about it. It’s clear that the vast majority of players named...