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The Aston Villa Squad Cost Compared to the Rest of Premier League

Aston Villa squad cost in comparisonBelow is a table that lists in Euros the cost of the transfer fees that made up the current...

Who’s Been the Best Championship Team in October?

Changing of the Seasons From a Aston Villa point of view, being top dog in the form table for the month of September, calmed the...
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Aston Villa Face Potentially the Most Boring Game of the Season

I was originally going to run this title and article in the 'A Venglos View' column, but the possibility of it is actually a...
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Aston Villa Proven to be Premier League’s Most Boring Team

False Dawn?As Aston Villa fans we've known it's been dull and dire stuff at Villa Park in recent years, in terms of both performances...
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Why Aston Villa Are Definitely the Biggest Club to Suffer Premier League Relegation

Premier League Relegation When it was announced that Aston Villa were officially relegated, one question the pundits posed was were they the biggest club to...
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How the Equation of Aston Villa Net Spend Has Held the Club Back

 The above table of Premier League team net spend over the past five seasons did the rounds a couple of weeks ago after the...