Aston Villa’s Record as They Reach Their 800th Premiership Game vs Manchester City

800th in 100th

This weekend sees the ever-present Premiership clubs chalk up their 800th match, with Aston Villa’s coming on Monday evening in the home tie against Manchester City. Villa are also poised to score their 1000th Premiership goal and will hope that and more will come in the Villa Park clash.

As they sit in the relegation zone, Villa are in real danger of losing their ever-present status in the Premiership. Already this season, Spurs have moved above them in terms of earning more Premiership points in total with 1137.


The 799 Club

Manchester United – 1731 pts

Arsenal -1496

Chelsea – 1451

Liverpool – 1373

Spurs – 1137

Aston Villa – 1113

Everton – 1076

*United have almost won two-thirds of their games with Sir Alex ever-present as manager, while Everton surprisingly have lost more than they have won.


Let hope Villa can make it to a 1000 consecutive Premiership matches.