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My Old Man Said articles and photo sets from Aston Villa’s proud history. Most notably are several sets of rare Villa supporter pictures from the European Cup final in Rotterdam on the 26th May 1982, which we are honoured to host. UTV

aston villa classic kit

What Are Supporters’ Favourite Aston Villa Classic and Retro Shirts?

By Joshua Prior MOMS got Villa supporter and owner of Vote Vintage, Joshua Prior, to have a look at the MOMS survey results of supporter's Villa...
shaun teale interview 1

The Shaun Teale Interview (Part 1) – Semi-finals, Villa’s Current Plight & the O’Neil...

The Shaun Teale Interview - Part OneWith the current Aston Villa team in need of a dose of grit, fight and determination, it's a...
aston villa umbro kit 1981

Kit Launches Reflect How Football Got Silly (Includes Retro Villa Kit Launch Pics)

Old School Football Kit Launches Not that any more evidence was needed, but it was while reading the Daily Telegraph story entitled 'Rise of the...

Aston Villa Supporter European Cup Final 1982 Photos from Rotterdam (Set 2)

Aston Villa Fan Photos from the European Cup Final 1982 Did you miss out on going to Rotterdam in 1982 for a certain game on...
Ron Atkinson Interview The Manager book

Aston Villa Podcast Special: Ron Atkinson Interview & Podcast from 1991

My Old Man Said goes back in the archives for our newer listeners to put together a special on former Aston Villa boss Ron...
villa park lamp post

Aston Villa Celebrate 140th Anniversary with Supporter-Inspired Monument at Villa Park

How to mark 140 years?You may remember in preseason MOMS offering up the idea of having a bit of a supporter knees up at...