Brigada 1874 Deliver At Least One Success at Villa Park Over the Festive Period

brigada 1874 display

 Brigada 1874 lead Villa Park prematch streamer display

Streaming Villa Park


Looking back to the Christmas fixtures, if all was not well on the pitch, at least there was one success in the stands. As reported on MOMS earlier  the Villa supporter group Brigada 1874s planned streamer display was a visual success, check out this video below:




While Lambert is trying to rebuild a Villa team for supporter’s to be proud of again, it’s just as important for Villa fans to try and create an atmosphere at Villa Park to be the envy of the Premiership once again.

As we know from trips to other Premiership games were Villa away fans can dominate proceedings, home atmospheres in all-seated stadiums are lacklustre at best in the Premiership. The thing is, it’s down to you – the supporter. You don’t just turn up and it happens, you need to make it happen! The Brigada 1874 can’t do it all on their own.

Remember: A flag is for life and not just a semi-final!

For our League Cup semi-final against Bradford City, the club will be handing out free flags. Use them for other games. A flag is for life and not just a semi-final. Dig up those Blackburn Rovers semi ones that are gathering dust and bring them to games. At Villa away games, scarf twirling to the tune of ‘Paul Lambert’s Claret and Blue Army’ is going down a treat. Can we get it going at Villa Park?

Crowd atmosphere can win games…the ’12th Man’ does exist…

If you were at the Cup quarter-final against Norwich City, there was only one man of the match. Not the brace scoring Andi Weimann or the mighty Benteke – it was the Villa away crowd, who were seemingly possessed that night (see video below). At 1-1 and with Norwich City making the running at the start of the second half and with Shay Given looking shaky, the Villa fans, sensed danger and rose to the challenge. It visibly spurred the Villa players on and the rest is history. It was a vintage 12th man performance. The like of which a young Villa team will need many more of to help them progress in 2013. UTV


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Photo: @joavfc