Brigada 1874 Supporters to Move in the Holte End Next Season

It’s hard to believe we’re almost a month away from pre season beginning for the 2015/16 campaign. To be honest MOMS could do with a good solid three-month break to get over that FA Cup final performance.

At the time the pre season games fire up it’s also going to get a bit frantic around Villa Park, if the ownership issue begins to finally see some movement. So, now seems to be a good time to pass on a message to any Holte Enders keen on getting involved in displays and helping the atmosphere in the Lower Holte.

Brigada 1874, who previously based in L8 of the Holte are behind most of the displays and always give 90 minutes of vocal support, are on the move.


Brigada 1874 display Swansea


Below is a statement from the group to anyone who wants to get involved in the displays and cranking up the support in the Lower Holte.

 brigada 1874 badgeBrigada 1874 Announcement & Invitation


For the 2015/16 season Brigada 1874 will be making the move from L8 which has been our home for the last three seasons and re-locating to the front of L7. While we’ve enjoyed our time in L8 it’s time for the group to move to a larger area that isn’t quite so peripheral to the rest of the Holte End.

The group moved across to L7 during last season’s FA Cup run and anyone who joined us will know that the atmosphere at those games was electric. While the area we were in for the Blackpool, Bournemouth and Leicester games was not available to us, we feel this new section at the front of L7 will give the group the space it needs to grow. As well as allowing us to be closer to the action on the pitch, it will also mean that displays are more visible and gives us more space in which to plan them.

We will be based on the left side of L7 near to L9, there are still seats available in the area for anyone wanting to get a season ticket in the area. If you have already renewed your ticket elsewhere and want to move you can still move to the section, you will just have to pay any difference in price.

The move has been long in the offing and we’re looking forward to 2015-16 being a seminal season for both the group and hopefully the club.

See you in L7!


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