Exclusive: Brad Guzan’s Risky and Dubious Plan to be Number One

Brad Guzan will do anything to be number one for the USA…

Aston Villa vs Everton was billed as the battle of the Belgians between Christian Benteke and Romelu Lukaku, but in actual fact a much more intense battle was waging on the pitch of Villa Park.

Having made appearances for Jurgen Klinsmann’s USA team in recent World Cup qualifiers due to Everton’s Tim Howard being injured, Villa’s Brad Guzan had well and truly thrown down the gauntlet to Howard in a battle for the USA number one shirt.

Looking for inspiration to repel the threat of Guzan’s claim to his shirt, Howard did what most men do when they are in need of divine intervention and need to build inner-strength and gravitas…he grew a beard.

Villa Park was witness to the true power of the beard when it helped Howard save Benteke’s penalty in what proved to be the turning point in Everton’s 2-0 win. It was also the moment that Guzan knew he had his work cut out to be the USA’s number one in Brazil 2014.

In the Villa changing room after the Everton game, Antonio Luna, putting his arm around Guzan to console him, told Villa’s number one, there was only one thing to do…

If you can’t beat them…

brad guzan number one beard

…join them and level the playing field.

Your move Mr Howard…


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* Thanks to Kurt Marcus for the Guzan beard.

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