Brad Guzan Passes His Most Difficult Test Yet

Having managed to keep a clean sheet in the middle of a snow blizzard against Costa Rica in the USA’s 1-0 win, in the early hours of last night, UK time, Villa’s Brad Guzan took on his biggest international test yet in front of 100,000 at Mexico’s Azteca Stadium. For the Villa fan, it would provide an instant insight  into their new number one’s bottle under pressure. With the stadium 7,200 feet above sea level, Mexico are pretty much always favourites at the Azteca; the Americans have played 15 World Cup qualifying matches in Mexico, losing 13 and drawing twice. With Jurgen Kinsmann’s USA team fielding a patched-up defence against Manchester United striker Javier Hernández and his countrymen, Guzan was in for a busy night.

Mexico’s 17 shots to the USA’s single attempt tells you all you need to know about the one-sided match. The score 0-0, tells you all you need to know about one Bradley Guzan.

Guzan has passed yet another test of his metal. If there was a ‘Most Improved Premiership Player Award’, Villa’s American keeper would have a good shot at winning it this season. UTV


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