#66 Blues Inglorious Basterd Gets Super Jack Justice

The Second City derby served up a plot that cried out for a Hollywood ending, and it got one. Blues fan thuggery received Super Jack justice and suddenly Aston Villa were thinking that maybe, just maybe, the play-offs were back on again, after their 1-0 win.

On the latest My Old Man Said podcast show David, Dan & Chris discuss the best day in Jack Grealish’s life, the Blues derby, the toughening of the Villa backline and contemplate a potential twist in the tail of this season.

The shows opening three points discuss the Baggies sacking of Darren Moore, the swift meltdown of the OWNAFC app and good news for Blackpool’s ‘Hearty Seaside Souls’, as the spectator of Oysten is lifted via the courts.

Also, in the show is the ‘Scott Hogan Touch Count Meter’…what more could you ask for?

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  1. A significant points deduction. Probably wouldn’t damage the club irreparably, but it would wipe out any chance of the play-offs and make the fans think hard about repercussions for future actions.

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