Birkir Bjarnason Now Optimistic About Staying After Wanting Out of Villa

Birkir Bjarnason has let his feelings been known on his current situation at Aston Villa in Icelandic newspaper Morgunblaðið.

After his agent had previously openly spoken about the possibility of Bjarnason seeking a move away from Villa Park during January, to ensure he gets first team football in the run-up to the World Cup in Russia, it seems the Icelandic midfielder has had a change of heart.

What a difference playing a few games makes.


Bjarnason kicked off 2018 with a lively substitute appearance against Bristol City, scoring a well-taken goal, that seems to have triggered his recent resurgence.

With Mile Jedinak’s continuous fitness issues and Whelan’s illness/injury, the Icelandic midfield has found new life as a holding midfielder for Villa, impressing in both the second-half of the Nottingham Forest game and also starting in the position against Barnsley.

According to what he told the Icelandic newspaper, it’s a position he prefers.

“This is much better for me. I am not a genuine winger who dribbles past three or four defenders,” said Bjarnason. “So it is much better for me to be more involved in the midfield.”


He also admitted that at the turn of the year, he thought he’d be leaving Villa at the start of 2018.

“Only two to three weeks ago, I was certain that I would leave the club. I really wanted to leave, but now I have completely changed my mind.

“I know that my agent had already spoken to some clubs to prepare a possible departure. But for me, Aston Villa is the best choice.

“I have taken part in our last four matches, but before that I had not played for a long time. Now everything looks great. It has been going really well, both for me and the team, and I am really optimistic.

Promotion Tools

The Icelandic international thinks that the Villa have what it takes to clinch promotion too.

“I think we have got the best squad in this league, but we have not shown that yet. Now we seem better drilled than before, and now when there are only three points separating us from the second spot, I think we have a very good chance of doing something great.

“Hopefully we can reach the Premier League. That would be outstanding.”

In the meantime, for supporters who are starting to see Bjarnason as a potential new cult favourite, after earlier indifference to him, five words will put them at ease.

“I am not going anywhere,” insists Villa’s newest defensive midfielder.


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  1. Now that he s being played in his preferred position,Bjarney has picked up,great for him and the Villa.

  2. IIt’s not the player who has come good it is the manager. The difference between him and lan and Jedinack is that he can actually pass a ball in the right direction, forward. This means that instead of the ball going back and the occasional one finding the opposition and conceding, a ball forward will occasionally find one of our players in a position that can lead to us scoring. Also having him the side, like Gealish, another like hogan who has “come good” I. E the manager has decided to play them, this means they encour age others to move forward too ! look at the positions Snodgross and Hourihane have been getting into recently. And yes I would insist on McCormack coming back he is a quality player. Another who,can “come good” with the right management Mr Bruce. That is what you are paid to do manage. Currently you are making a far better job of it. Keep it up and we can get up.

  3. If he’s found his position playing very well and happy with it then by all means we must keep him, a different team yes but it seems to have clicked and we have a big squad which will be needed from now on, the only addition that we definitely need is a striker as cover for Hogan. We’re on our way but I just hope we don’t get complacement, because if Hogan gets injured again and there’s no cover we may well live to regret it, this is not the time to take risks we’re within touching distance and we need to press it home.

  4. its very pleasing when a player comes good,,,, even if you think there is a player in there somewhere,,,,

    i hope he can still get forward and play a bit as he does have an ability to find space in the box

    its just building the relationship on the pitch now with the other players and using his judgement,,,,

    we have quite a different team now compared to the decent spell we had before christmas so things will take

    time to fully gel,, but the signs are very positive so far,,, and much better,,

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