Where Aston Villa Stand in the Biggest Football Club Table

As we celebrate Aston Villa’s 140th anniversary this season, MOMS has published various all-time tables to put Aston Villa into context in the history of the beautiful game. This week the Sports Mail attempted to come up with a definitive table covering all bases to determine who are the biggest English football clubs.

To determine their league table of ‘biggest clubs’, they took into consideration trophies, crowds, average league finishes, income and even social media following (to determine the fanbase size). The lower the score, the higher the rank of each attribute.

Villa rank 4th for their trophy haul, which is their finest statistic in this table and their the 5th best in terms of their average league finishes. Does anything count after that?! On the field at least, Villa would be a Top 4 team in the context of the whole history of the game.

The other attributes that currently drag Villa down to 8th overall in the Sportsmail’s table are thankfully all things that can be improved at the club. For example, Villa are currently 10th in terms of Income and 9th in terms of Crowds. If Villa can stay in the league this season, then if Tom Fox is true to his words at the Aston Villa Supporters Trust AGM last month, then there should be improvement in the next few years.

The 8th placing in the below table is where Villa should be finishing in the Premier League table as standard though.

As for the other teams, the top five teams are as expected with their Income certainly helping keep the status quo. I could go into further analysis about them, but who cares.


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Lets add another trophy in a couple of months time at Wembley and move up this table. UTV

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  1. We should be at least ahead of the secondary scouse club and what is now the third ranked Lahndahn club. That’s just poor marketing. In fact as regards Everton maybe we should be demanding a recount. To paraphrase a classic marketing dictum: we invented this league therefore we own it, the others just play in it.

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