Big Surprise as Aston Villa Look to have Bagged Major Fee for Want Away Midfielder

Cashing in on Carney Chukwuemeka

It was no secret that Carney Chukwuemeka wanted out of Aston Villa, but it was fast becoming the most tedious Villa-related transfer story of the summer. All this fuss for a player who had made only two starts for the club.

His destination of Chelsea has come as a surprise to reporters, who have spent the past few weeks churning out stories linking Chukwuemeka to the likes of AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund and Barcelona.

Personally, MOMS would have been more surprised, if the 18-year-old had end up at any of those clubs (considering the wage he was allegedly asking for), so there was an indifference to his actual destination of Chelsea.

That said, there had been noises out of the Chukwuemeka camp that Carney had wanted to move on, as he felt his first team opportunities would be limited due to Steven Gerrard looking to add more experience to the team this coming season (plus there was the player’s greed).

If there’s one area in the Villa team that isn’t settled and locked down, it’s midfield, so if he backed himself and was going to get better, then opportunity knocked for him at Villa.

Is Chelsea a fast-track to first team Premier League football? It’s doubtful.

Anybody who knows anything about Chelsea’s process of blooding their younger players, knows many have spent a spell at Vitesse Arnhem in the Dutch Eredivisie. At last count, 29 Chelsea players have been on loan there, including the likes of Nemanja Matic, Mason Mount and Villa’s Bertrand Traore. In fact, last season was the first time in over a decade, that Vitesse began a season without a single Chelsea loanee in their squad.

Maybe that’s why Chelsea bought Chukwuemeka? To get back on track with the tradition of feeding Vitesse their youth.

The Carney Money

Admittedly, the biggest surprise in this whole episode is the reports that Villa are to receive a transfer fee of £15m+ for a youth player who only has one year of his contract left.

The amount is way beyond what MOMS was expecting for a player that had made minimal impression in the senior game.

Maybe we’re too rational?

The mix of an aggressive agent, excellent marketing with the constant mention of AC Milan, Barcelona, Dortmund etc in the press, England’s U-19’s triumph, and Villa playing hardball, have seemingly all kept the price bubbling nicely.

I find it too hard to believe the figure is £20m, as reported by the likes of Phil McNulty of the BBC, as that seems to be simply going off the earlier reports of what Villa’s alleged public asking price was.

So let’s go with Mr Romano’s figure, as he at least said, he’s been told.

Ultimately, it’s a potential win-win for all parties concerned. Chukwuemeka gets his move and Villa got healthy compensation for what at this moment in time is a gamble on Chelsea’s part.


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  1. December last year Stevie G said “The kid needs to play”. Would like to know how many actual minutes CC got after that. Allegedly according to the same journo for the 15m figure Tuchel convinced CC last week he could play immediately. (?)

    Aside from the spin I see all around this deal, some focus may be wisely turned to why this happened. What’s the difference from the other kids who were in that age group who did sign, are there lessons to learn? Came to Villa at 12 years old, was the best 16 year old in the country accoring to Purslow, starred at the Euros U19, but leaves before he is actually 19. True with the fee they made a purse out of a sows ear but somehow feel Chelsea may have ended up with the silk.

    Only time will tell.

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