Big Change in Aston Villa’s North Stand Rebuild Strategy

Big Change in Villa Park’s North Stand Plans

This week MOMS attended a Fan Consultation Group (FCG) meeting regarding the proposed rebuilding of the North Stand, which the club announced more details of the following day. This included the announcement of a one-month fan consultation period, which you are very much encouraged to get involved in by filling in the consultation survey to make sure you have your input into the process.

You can fill the survey in here.

The new North Stand will essentially double the capacity of the current North Stand and be joined with the Trinity Stand to create a bowl effect. The stand though won’t be joined on the other side with the Doug Ellis Stand. This is essentially to make sure the Doug Ellis stand can be upgraded or rebuilt (and renamed!) with minimal complications, which considering the state of its concourses, will happen soon enough.

In the short-term, the North Stand rebuilding project wasn’t going to have much impact on supporters, as originally the plan was to build a new North Stand behind the existing one, using a ‘build over’ technique, in the same way Liverpool have built their new stand.

The idea was essentially to minimise the impact to Villa Park’s matchday capacity and gate receipts while it was being built.

At this week’s Villa Fan Consultation Group meeting though, it was confirmed there had been a change of plan, and now the North Stand will be demolished and built from scratch, leading to a drop in Villa Park’s capacity until the new North Stand is opened.

In the latest newsletter, which dropped yesterday, details are given into why this happened and what this means to match-going fans and season ticket holders for potentially a couple of seasons, once the building work begins next year.

As well as a unique insight into the Villa Park expansion project from a supporters point-of-view, there’s also news of other recent developments off the field in the latest WTF newsletter (written by MOMS editor David Michael), with more to come next week.

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