Bare Facts: Aston Villa’s Season So Far in One Picture



We’ve got to admit, normally we’re not ones for stats for the sake of them. There’s too many pointless stats in the modern game, that ultimately prove nothing. Just because a defender has made the most tackles, it doesn’t mean he’s the best defender; he could just be busy because he’s playing for a naff team! Anyway, here’s some stats with no agenda, a simple picture of Villa season so far.

A point-per-game average – which should be enough for survival – is about as good as it gets. Thank god Villa won the last two games, as now the stats just make them look bad, rather than terrible!

The saddest figure is perhaps the fact Villa have never been in the top half this season, with 11th being the summit of the team’s ambition this season.

Still, if Villa can get the wins total into double figures, all the other stats will mean nothing, as then we can start planning for the next season with a little optimism. UTV


*Thanks to the Slovenian Villa Supporters club for the above image.


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