Away Supporters Survey – Have Your Say For Better Conditions


As most of you’ll know, MOMS is an affiliate member of the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF), who represent football supporters on every level – from appealing banning orders to campaigning for safe standing. The FSF are currently undergoing a comprehensive survey into away supporter’s experiences.

Obviously away games don’t tend to come cheap. £100 after ticket, transport and refreshments per head, not to mention the other domestic sacrifices you have to make to give your team the best of support and create an atmosphere.

As well as seeing:

“What keeps you committed? What do you look for as a travelling fan? What do you hope to see? What don’t you enjoy? Do you feel valued?”

The FSF want to see what problems away supporters have, and then with the evidence take it to the clubs to ultimately improve the experience.

“From this extensive study we hope to be able to discuss with clubs and the authorities in an academic, evidence-based fashion

If you have five minutes, fill this form in for each of the away games you go to:


As we know from our West Ham experience this season, where MOMS got an apology from West Ham for the shoddy treatment and planning Villa fans had to endure, sometimes the home team can play the reluctant host.

Also, sometimes you get kettled by the police at pubs, or are rushed in and out of the game if you’re on club organised transport. then there’s sometimes poor access to overly priced refreshments and food in the ground. All these things need mentioning.



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