Aussies and Americans go Wild for World Cup Tickets as Benteke Books Trip to Brazil.

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Benteke is off to Brazil, so what nationalities have applied for the most World Cup tickets?


From a Aston Villa point-of-view the World Cup next year in Brazil will pretty much be all about Christian Benteke and the Belgium team, who secured their place for the 2014 tournament with a 2-1 away win in Zagreb against Croatia.  Ron Vlaar will make the Dutch squad and Brad Guzan the USA squad, but beyond that, Villa representation will be a bit thin on the ground. For Villa’s Irish contingent Brazil is a lost cause, Andi Weimann’s Austria crashed and burned, the Danes look unlikely, while bar an incredible season by the likes of Fabian Delph or Gabby Agbonlahor, Villa representation in the England camp (if they qualify) looks unlikely.

Still, the World Cup is the World Cup, and despite a lacklustre tournament until the quarter-finals, last time out in South Africa, there’s no event like it. So far there’s been a total of 6,164,682 requests for tickets from people in 203 countries.

3.3 million tickets are expected to be available for the first World Cup in Brazil since 1950, but only around one million of those were offered in the first phase. A further ‘first come, first served’ window to buy tickets  will open in November.

Interestingly, secondary ticket agents are already selling final tickets for top dollar, but on the flipside, according to a Wall Street Journal report, about 400,000 tickets will be reserved for Brazilians at discounted prices, with the cheapest costing around $13. No doubt the empty seats in South Africa in 2010 may have contributed to this initiative.


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Top ticket applications by country


  • Brazil: 4,368,029
  • United States: 374,065
  • Argentina: 266,937
  • Germany: 134,899
  • Chile: 102,288
  • England: 96,780
  • Australia: 88,082
  • Japan: 69,806
  • Colombia: 55,379
  • Canada: 49,968


Beyond the 70% of ticket requests by Brazilians, certainly a figure from the above table is  Germany having more applications than England. England’s barmy army are infamous for following their national team around the world, but has there been a little apathy setting in over recent years? Contrary to this, German football is the prime moving force in European football at the moment, with last year’s all-German European Champions’ League final symbolic of that. Also, there’s no doubt interest is high in Germany as it’s a competition their national team are historically consistent in.

Another stand out figure is the fact applications from residents of the USA is almost three times that of England (must be a lot of ex-pats!), while Australia’s thirst for football has grown impressively with 88,082 applications. It’s interesting that both Australia and Canada (with 49,968) are above more established European giants of football such as Italy and Spain. Is the European economic recession the reason for this as well?

Those with money will still be able to buy tickets outside the FIFA applications windows ( click here for proof of that). Whatever price is paid for World Cup tickets, hopefully the Brazilians will help give them value by putting some of the excitement back into the World Cup after it has lost its way a little on the pitch in recent tournaments. A strong showing from the home nation will help. Also, if England get there, a distinct lack of expectation may work in England’s favour. If Roy Hodgson selects a young squad, it might just give the country a team of underdogs to get behind next summer (ala Lambert’s young lions). Failing that, the World Cup for most Villa fans will pretty much be all about Benteke and his Belgian crew.


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