Aston Villa’s United Week and their Next Stage of Development

The Coutinho-inspired Villa Revolution

Aston Villa’s new signingsPhilippe Coutinho and Lucas Digne both contributed to an improvement in fortunes against Manchester United last week. While the Villa Park comeback point improved on the Old Trafford cup defeat, Villa remain winless this year.

Both players should bring immediate improvement and are clues to where Villa’s owners want to push to, and the next few weeks will hopefully bring the points to build the initial foundations to get to that next level.

Coutinho’s arrival especially raises many immediate questions in terms of how Steven Gerrard will ultimately want to play, and which players of the current crop will make up his first XI.

In the latest main show of the My Old Man Said podcast, we take are first look at Villa life with the introduction of the Brazilian attacking midfielder. With other transfer targets still bubbling under in the January window, certainly it seems the club’s hierarchy haven’t given up on the pursuit of a European place this season.

With this season in danger of slipping away with a whimper though, fortunes must change ASAP.

Also in a decidingly lively show, as well as catching up with the latest Villa news, the Three Points section again showcases there’s all kinds of madness happening around the world in the name of football. From a chaotic AFCON tournament in Africa, to the curious cases of two players refusing to retire in both Japan and Chile.

If you haven’t listened to the show yet, this isn’t one you’ll want to miss!



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