Aston Villa’s Transfer Window Happenings After Breakthrough

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Episode 114 Notes

The First Aston Villa signing of the 2020 Summer Transfer Window has been made, but the overall picture is one of concern, as the club’s mooted main targets have failed to arrive. Meanwhile Jack Grealish finally gets into the England squad to provide a distraction.

We catch up on Villa’s preseason matches, latest news and transfer dabblings – most notably the signing of Matty Cash. Also, there’s talk of Jose Mourinho’s role in All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur, the [Manchester] City Group’s 10th club acquisition, the Premier League’s live match TV dilemma with UK supporters, while it also encounters Chinese rights issues.

In Overrated and Underrated, in tribute to the signing of Matty Cash, we look at two former Villa right-backs in Gary Charles and Luke Young.


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  1. According to transfer markt the possibility of Rashica joining Villa is still on & that has increased from 33-43 % in the last couple of days

  2. Can someone tell me what this Traoré prospect is all about it seems that he has no PL experience, has scored one goal in 23 appearances and is only a bit part player I might be missing something but is this really what we are looking for, and does this mean that Rashica has gone out of the reckoning, all seems a bit odd to me.

  3. Man City were unattractive in the beginning. I think Villa,s problem is that Dean Smith is not a “Big Name” Manager. If we were to win one of the Cups this year or fight our way into a European spot, the Better players might think twice about joining the Villa Revolution.

  4. the lack of target signings is due to Villa being unattractive The bookies have us down as relegation favourites and from last year that is true. No trophies since 1996 and no chance of a challenge to the top
    six without a miracle

    Villa fans may not get it, but the rest of the football world turns its nose up so why be suprised?

    Trevor fisher

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