Aston Villa’s Relegation Battle is Sky TV’s Focus – Full Fixture List

Aston Villa on Sky Sports

Another three of Aston Villa’s fixtures were announced for Sky TV coverage this week, suggesting that with the Premier League title race as good as over, the only real drama for the behind-closed-doors climax to the season will be the relegation battle.

Without supporters in stadiums, the TV product is distinctly lacking, so on top of whatever artifice the TV companies can inject, what games really need is high stakes intrigue. Unless Wolves and Sheffield United can make a decent fist of a fight for a Champions League place, it’ll be the usual suspects contesting the top four, so the relegation battle seems the most likely avenue to provide drama.

Villa though will certainly need to get some kind of change out of fixtures against the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal, to stay in the conversation, so no doubt Sky will hope Villa can find some desire and killer instinct from their warm-up against Sheffield United.

If Villa and Norwich are as good as down by the end of June, then the relegation battle will lose a lot of interest.

While Villans may have been hoping for some free TV coverage of Villa games, the following three confirmed Sky TV fixtures will mean five out of their first six games of the restart will have been selected by Sky TV.

Aston Villa on Sky Sports Dates

Liverpool v Aston Villa

Sunday, July 5 (ko 4.30pm) – live on Sky Sports 

Aston Villa v Manchester United

Thursday, July 9 (ko 8.15pm) – live on Sky Sports 

Aston Villa v Crystal Palace

Sunday, July 12 (ko 2pm) – live on Sky Sports

Villa will be desperate to get at least three or four points on the board in their remaining June fixtures, because six games in the month of July will not be easy going to secure their Premier League status.

At the moment, you’d probably say, Villa will need four wins out of nine to have any chance of staying up.

After only seven wins in 29 games, so far, it’s going to be a tough task.

Aston Villa’s Remains Fixtures


  • 17th: 6pm Sheffield United (h) Sky TV
  • 21st: 4.15pm Chelsea (h) Sky TV
  • 24th: 6pm Newcastle United (a) BT Sport
  • 27th: 12.30pm Wolves (h) BT Sport


  • 5th: 4.30pm Liverpool (a) Sky TV
  • 9th: 8.15pm Manchester United (h) Sky TV
  • 12th: 2.15pm Crystal Palace (h) Sky TV
  • 15th: 8pm Everton (a)
  • 18th: 3pm Arsenal (h)
  • 26th: 3pm West Ham United (a)

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  1. So next up is Pool the league champions but what will the score be ? It would be good to have a score like the 5-0 Villa won by last december but what sort of teams will the 2 Clubs turn out ?

  2. its so sad. since deadly doug went we seem to have attracted the wrong type of owners who employ big mouth guys talking the talk but cant walk the walk tom fox and purslow spring straight to mind, then the most important part the managers (awful) at the moment its dean smiths turn, nice bloke (i would be in his job) and a villa fan, but is way out of his depth in the prem. we can all see it (some cant and wont accept it) then we have the players., without jack in the team they would be running about like headless chickens, there is still no direction and little confidence in the team for me. but you never know we might nick something out the chelsea game.

  3. Think we need to beef up the attack to have any chance of staying up. Just cannot understand Dean Smith if he has been a Villa supporter all his life he must know every team we have had that was successful had two forwards. Andy Gray / Brian Little ……. Peter Withe/Gary Shaw right back to Gerry Hitchens/Johnny Dixon. Yet there is Smith always playing the lone striker who always has two defenders marking him.
    Cannot understand this, its costing us dearly. When you look at the average players we have bought in with the three wingers Jota, Al Ghazi and Trezeguet but always struggling for strikers. Crazy.

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