Aston Villa’s Quarter-Final Against Liverpool Being Screened for Sky Sports, Hints at Date Solution

The EFL announced today that Aston Villa’s Carabao Cup quarter-final with Liverpool will be screened live on Sky Sports, along with the Oxford United and Manchester City clash.

Before Villa supporters reach for their diaries though, a date still hasn’t been arranged yet.

The EFL stated that:

‘The date for the second Quarter-Final between Aston Villa and Liverpool will be announced at the earliest convenience.’

Earliest convenience of who? The fans?

The Oxford game will be at 19.45 on Wednesday 18th December, but Liverpool can’t play in the week commencing the 16 December, as they are due to play in last four of the Club World Cup in Qatar on 18 December.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has already hinted, he’s prepared not to play the fixture.

“If they don’t find a place for us, an appropriate place, not 3am on Christmas Day, then we don’t play it,” said Klopp, when the draw was first made.

The fact that Sky Sports have committed to screening it live, suggests they at least are confident that a resolution on the date can be reached. Indeed, it would indicate they have an idea of a possible date, when you factor in they have to consider their programming.

Stay tuned for news on the actual date…


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