Aston Villa’s Predicted Final League Position (Patron Podcast)

This month MOMS has started to create extra podcast episodes as a thanks to those Villa supporters who have signed up in recent months as MOMS Patrons to help support the podcast (and website).

Patron Podcast Sessions

MOMS Patrons now get both dedicated extra shows and sneak advance listens of sections of the main podcast.

The first extra show out now is in addition to the forthcoming episode 31 of the My Old Man Said podcast.

The starting point of the bonus show (of over 22 minutes) was for David (MOMS) and Dan ( to have a reappraisal – after 12 games – of their predictions at the start of the season to where Villa would finish at the end of this campaign, and whether it would end in promotion?

aston villa team group 2018

In the context of this, they also evaluate some of other teams that are serious contenders in the Championship, including the likes of Wolves, Cardiff, Norwich, Bristol, Preston, Fulham etc.

Will this be an easier season for Villa to get promoted than last season?

They also talk about Villa’s ‘style’ and address various listener questions involving the lack of pace in the Villa midfield, alternative midfield set-ups, flashback episodes, and the issue of Kodjia and partnerships.

Don’t forget to stay in touch with the podcast and put forward suggested discussion points and questions to the podcast’s Twitter address at @AVFCpodcast

Until Episode 31 drops, enjoy the show!

Patron Importance & This Month’s Reward Draws

Without MOMS Patrons it wouldn’t be possible for My Old Man Said to continue, so every patron is very much appreciated.

The only options presented nowadays to fund football-related sites and keep them going is to churn out loads of no-mark daily articles with juicy headlines to get people to click them for pittance ad revenue, or to get into bed with betting companies.

MOMS wants to avoid both of these.

The idea of being crowdfunded by supporters to able the podcast and website to remain free for everyone, is also the best way to remain principled, independent and maintain the quality.

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Matthew Wood Villa Park Print

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