#72 Aston Villa’s Play-off Destiny

Is the two-legged tie against West Brom ultimately Aston Villa’s toughest test in their play-off campaign? Does Dean Smith have a first XI for all occasions, or is it a case of playing the squad over two legs to meet the differing demands of the home and away leg?

The many factors around the West Midlands derby clash are discussed in episode 72 of the MOMS Podcast, which amongst all the fun and play-off discussion, also looks back at the final regular season closer against Norwich City.

While Villa’s promotion hopes bubble away through the play-offs, what will happen to Scott Hogan? Will what division Villa are in next season have any say in where his destiny lies? Or is it over for him at Villa whatever the play-off outcome? The season’s closing Scott Hogan Touch Count Meter looks at his contribution for the season.

This is a catch-up post for the episode 72 of the podcast. The new episode 73 is out now, that looks back at Villa’s 2-1 win in the semi-final first leg against the Albion.

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Episode 72 Show Notes

Aston Villa face local rivals West Bromwich Albion over two legs in the Championship Play-off semi. David, Dan & Chris discuss their expectations of the clash. Have the stars aligned and what is different from last year’s failed play-off attempt?

As well as casting an eye over the recent Norwich City game, they also celebrate the wonder of Ashley Westwood and Scott Hogan, while examining Bayer Leverkusen’s potential blueprint for Villa’s play-off success.

Good luck Villans!


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  1. well Birmingham fans know their place and accept they are inferior to us I think that’s fair to say, albion have been desperate to be kings of the west mids and tried to take our mantle for the last few seasons and things had started to turn toxic, until the 2 leg epic. we have put them back in there place and now they stand to have the team broken up which could put them in for a rough ride in the championship for a long time. if we get up you wont see an albion shirt for a long time, and if we don’t go up we will smash the league next season anyway.

  2. Phew. What a night. Justice done. I feel sorry for the baggies fans. Even at home they were not allowed to cross the halfway line or kick the ball. The man was more important. But Wembley here we come. I am far more confident than last year. But we will need to up our game. We’ll done lads

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