Aston Villa’s New Sponsor Logo Revealed

Aston Villa unveiled Intuit QuickBooks as the club’s main sponsor for the next couple of seasons. Claiming to be the world’s number one accounting software for small businesses, the company’s logo (see below) will feature on the Club’s home and away shirts during the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons.


The first view of the logo will be seen when next season’s kits are unveiled early in July.

Having been the sponsor of West Brom last season (a £1.5 million deal), Intuit are very much focused on the West Midland’s small business market.

“There is an amazing community of business owners in the West Midlands area, many of whom are among Aston Villa’s incredibly passionate supporters,” commented David Walsh, Director of Marketing and Small Business Sales, Intuit UK. “With our mission to help small businesses succeed and grow, we look forward to continuing to getting to know the businesses in the area and providing the support we can.”

For Villa supporters, it’s perhaps a bit of an anti-climax to the global brand they expected due to Tom Fox’s international marketing experience and contacts after his Arsenal experience. Still, others will be happy it’s not another gambling or betting company.

The deal is reported to be an improvement on the last deal with Dafabet and cited to be around the £5 million mark for the two seasons.


quick book shirt logo


Due to the ownership situation Villa had their hands tied to a certain extent in terms of brokering a longer term deal and commitment from a sponsor.

For those who don’t know anything about Intuit, in a nutshell their company blurb reads:

Intuit in the U.K. helps small businesses get paid, manage their money and pay their employees, and accounting professionals be more productive and grow their practices. The company’s flagship products in the U.K. include QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks Payments. For more information visit

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    On the note of quickbooks, bit embarrassed we had to steal one from the Baggies, but hey money is money I guess. After lerners years of sending us down sh1t Creek without a paddle I’m shocked anyone wanted to invest in sponsoring us lol

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