Aston Villa’s Main January Transfer Player Need After Repeated Blown Leads

Coutinho In, But What’s the Real January Need?

The 2-1 loss at Brentford, saw Aston Villa begin 2022 with the first real blemish on Steven Gerrard’s record since taking over as Head Coach. Not even he could revert the trend of Villa suffering to their bogey team of recent seasons. It was the second game in succession that Villa have given up a lead to then go on to lose the game.

While the loan signing of Philippe Coutinho certainly has excited the Villa fanbase, as Gerrard had suggested it would, when he initially hinted at the kind of business Villa were looking to do, the Brazilian perhaps doesn’t address Villa’s current weakness.

11 losses this season, even more than Newcastle United, suggest Villa are something of a soft touch. Unable to grind out draws (only one this season), when they don’t play well. When things go bad, they tend to be fatal at the end of 90 minutes.

When discussing the January transfer window (pre-Coutinho) on the latest My Old Man Said podcast show, we highlight the main position in the first XI, that needs addressing to give Villa more of a harden spine. In effect, it will also provide a foundation for the likes of Coutinho to do their thing, too.

On the show, as well as catching up on all the Villa happenings on and off the pitch, there’s the latest Three Points of the world of football and Media Muppets too.

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