Aston Villa’s Growing Pains on the Pitch Assessed

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Aston Villa’s Growing Pains on the Pitch Assessed

Without a win in their first four games back after the Premier League restart, Aston Villa are now starring down both barrels of an instant return to the Championship. With West Ham beating a Chelsea team that had recently played Villa off the park, the table does not make for great reading when you consider Villa have to play both Liverpool and Manchester United next.

After the 1-0 loss to Wolves, the My Old Man Said podcast looked at Villa’s increasing on-field problems, as improved defensive shape seems to have shackled any cutting edge going forward. Seriously, how can a team that is relying on two strikers that have scored a combined total on one goal this season for Villa, fire themselves out of their current predicament?

Can Villa find any bite going forward to trouble Liverpool or Manchester United? Games they surely must get something from, to have a chance of being competitive in the relegation battle with four games to go.

The show also looks at the end of W88 as Villa’s main sponsor (and the start of…er…Kazoo?), Villa players leaving the club, Liverpool’s title win, Neil Warnock’s return and a new manager for Northern Ireland in the shape of Ian Baraclough.

In Overrated or Underrated, it’s time for Alan Wright and Bosko Balaban to go under the knife.

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  1. So Villa is the club that all love to kick & that includes some fans & the lower they are the harder they get kicked And that goes for both fans & opponents as there is a section of fans who only go to matches to be entertained by a winning team & instead of cheering the team on when they are struggling they boo loudly . Harsh words ? yes but when fans only look & money spent on a team that needed rebuilding after promotion to the little spent by a club who only needed to tinker a little with a squad that was almost ready to play @ a higher level & it makes one wonder Villa has always been a club who @ times has had great success & then failed to build on it . But why is that ? Was it that way ?Was it the owners or the fans or a combination of both . But what of the players ? Why is Jack the most fouled player in the Prem ? And fouls on Villa players are not limited to Jack as it seems that some clubs take the attitude that if you can’t out play Villa give them a good kicking as their fans don’t care . The season is not yet over so why assume relegation is inevitable ? It’s not & will not be untill the Fat lady sings . Now next up is Pool the league champions yet it was only last December that we beat them 5-0 in the Cup so anything is possible

  2. Absolutely correct both barrels now, but we have been living on other teams poor results for a long time now, let’s be honest we are a very poor team with a very poor manager and we are where we are because of the way that we have played all season, that’s down to all sorts of reasons starting with terrible recruitment and as I have said poor management DS has done his best but we all know he’s not Up to PL standard far from it. With our upcoming games and attitude of our players you have to fear for the worst now. When you consider the size of the club it’s fantastic fan base it’s facilities etc And if you compare it with Sheffield United for instance it’s an absolute scandal and unacceptable that we are facing going straight back down after a shocking season.

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