Right Direction: An Improvement in Aston Villa’s Fortune Off the Field


 Aston Villa’s TV and League Placement Payments


If final stone-cold proof was needed to who was right last season between the board and supporters over the appointment of Alex McLeish, the Premiership Prize Money and TV payments for the season was all the evidence Villa fans needed to feel vindicated in their feelings against the appointment.  Last year’s results in a nutshell showed it was Aston Villa’s ‘Annus Horribilis’ on and off the pitch.

So how have Aston Villa progressed under Lambert in his first season?

In terms of pure figures, it’s baby steps. The point against Wigan was effectively worth £755,881 (probably enough for a Lambert signing!), with it lifting Villa in 16th place above Newcastle, who finished where McLeish finished with Villa last season.

A better reflection of the overall lifting in optimism at the club was seen in the increase from last season of live games involving Villa from 10 to 14. It’s relatively a big leap and perhaps suggests that Lambert’s young lions are a more entertaining and attractive proposition than the negative-minded football of last season.

While the six or so usual suspects (United, Arsenal, Liverpool etc) get at least 20 games screened, Villa certainly should be around the 15 game mark, at least.

With each screened game being worth close to half-a-million pounds, the extra four games this season brought in an extra £1,920,826 this term. Considering the inconvenience caused to supporters with the constant date changes for these games, hopefully some of that money will be earmarked for improving conditions for supporters.

Speaking of which, there was also a slight up-turn in average attendance too, rising from 33,873 of last season to 35059 this.

Overall, this season, Villa gained £2,862,829 worth of prize and TV payments than last season.

As we can see in the table below from Sporting Intelligence, in terms of the revenue table, the extra live games meant that Villa finished a couple of places above their league position.




It’s worth noting the split of TV money in the English Premiership is the most evenly spread of all European leagues.


The Prize Money and TV rights Payment Breakdown Table


Place = finishing position in the table. Live = live games on Sky/ESPN combined.

BBC = games on Match of the Day. N.Live = games shown ‘near live’.

Note: Facility fees increase with more live TV games; merit payments grow in increments of £755,881 per place from 20th to 1st.

(figures in £)




The above tables are from SportingIntelligence.com

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  1. I thought when I saw the picture of Lerner that you were going to tell us he’d announced that he was going to be giving Lambert more money this summer. Oh well, good news anyway.

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