Aston Villa Warned Not to Haggle Over Nante midfielder Jordan Veretout

If you’ve being following Aston Villa’s latest venture into the French Ligue 1 market, you’ll know two things about their pursuit of Nante midfielder Jordan Veretout. One is the Nante president likes to talk to the French media and secondly Leicester have reportedly made a bid beyond what Villa have offered to muddy the waters.

It’s thought that the all-action midfielder Veretout, would be Villa’s best French league purchase yet, if they are able to pull it off.

After looking like it was plain sailing to capture the services of the player, Leicester City are reported to have offered at least a couple of million more to crowbar the player from Villa’s grasp.

Judging from Nante president Waldemar Kita latest comments though, it’s possible that mention of the Foxes supposed bid maybe a ruse to pressure Villa into completing the deal.

“They (Aston Villa) are haggling on certain details,” said Kita in the French newspaper L’Équipe. “They need to be careful because if they continue to haggle they might lose the player from right under their noses.

“They have until this evening to take a decision,” he added.

At the moment Kita is reported to be happy to back the player’s wish for a move to Villa.

Kita said: “He has made his choice, and I am going to go in his direction. I’m set to lose €5m (by taking Villa’s deal and not Leicester’s). I am a pillock. I would have never thought I would have done anything other than try to raise the price, but I am not going to go against the boy. He is a boy who has never done us wrong, who played the game right until the end, contrary to others, who did not sulk.”

Whether it’s all smoke and mirrors remains to be seen, but at least it gives Villa fans a good insight to the temperament of Veretout, who certainly doesn’t sound like a ‘le sulk’ type of French player.

With Villa’s other new French Ligue legion, the size of the club and their profile being lifted with their two trips to Wembley in the FA Cup last season, you’d be surprised if Veretout chose Leicester over Villa.

If Villa want to spend time haggling, it’s probably best to do that with Spurs over the wages of Emmanuel Adebayor!


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  1. Need to make a statement of intent and bring him in. Clubs with European football are monitoring him, lesser teams will pay more, he is quality in lg 1, has a good attitude, and wants to join, No brainer.

    Though after Ade (assuming it’s a DD) I wonder if we might stop till we clear some dead wood. Cissokho, Hutton, Ndog, Cole, Senderos, please go. Baker you get one more shot. And we got youngsters to come thru, Gardner and Robinson.need game time.

  2. Really hope we sign this lad. We definitely need to bolster our midfield. I also hope Adebayor prices himself out of a deal! He is the last thing we need, even on a loan deal.

    Otherwise, things are lookin good…especially if you think back to this time last year!

    • Ade on a loan is good business, he is quality when he can be bothered. Sherwood does make him bothered. He is more than CB20 in some ways, can pass a ball for instance.and is a proven PL goal scorer. Plus he can take the pressture off Ayew who on a Five year contract is seen to be the future for that position.

      Even on 100k a week, we have paid that and more to the bomb squad before so is “disposable” in a way. (Hutton, Bent, and Ireland)

  3. Get him in! I’ m hoping Adebayor prices himself out – lazy & mercenary, not a team player.

  4. This lad looks good, but I wouldn’t increase our bid to meet Leicester’s, as sometimes you’ve just got to let others pay over the odds if they want.

    I’d also love to know what the French for “pillock” is.

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