Aston Villa Transfer Window Reality and Big Questions Answered

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Waste of Time

There’s been weeks of clickbait transfer rumours spun out by the usual suspects and spread by the Villa Twitterati, yet there’s still not one transfer that has been confirmed. That would seem to suggest that a lot of people have been wasting their valuable time unnecessarily. Especially those who either write or read those inane articles that are based on a few random people’s tweets and passed off as news stories.

That’s not journalism.

Remember people, you only get one life.

However, now with players returning from holiday and preseason getting underway this week, things should begin to happen despite the current pandemic climate perhaps compromising any real major spending by teams across the board.

In the Mix?

So what of the transfer rumours so far? What’s the reality? How would you rationalise Villa’s interest in certain players, if true?

MOMS discussed the Brentford pair Ollie Watkins and Saïd Benrahma in more detail on Episode 111 of the podcast. You’d think Watkins is the man most likely, as when you google ‘Said Benrahma’ you get evidence of a big clickbait farm centred around him with stories running to feed Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Leeds fans, on top of Villa’s.

There’s plenty of other names being thrown up too. Would Callum Wilson be worth a look? What about Norwich City pair Emi Buendia and Todd Cantwell? Is it wise business doing a vulture job on relegated teams?

What about Milot Rashica? The Birmingham Mail’s current transfer rumour poster boy? Would that be a realistic or good move?

In a bonus episode (112) of over an hour, the My Old Man Said podcast team go through all this summer’s Aston Villa transfer rumours and discuss the reality and viability of the players attached to the club so far.

Also on the show, we do a Q&A to address some Villa supporter’s current concerns for Villa’s Premier League season ahead.



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  1. Couldn’t agree more, now DS is saying Watkins and Benrahma are too expensive, he would rather go for an ex Newcastle flop and Harry Wilson if he had great potential Clop wouldn’t dream of selling him, so much for our ambition then this must give Jack Grealish great incentive to want away .also just seen our fixtures can’t see why our fans would sigh a relief at Man City being postponed it just means that we will start the season where we left off at the bottom of the league, the last thing we need is a game in hand against Man City away and as for our run in if we sign cheap alternatives to decent goal scorers we have had it from the off, but I think this is typical DS thinking, as far as I’m concerned we should pay whatever it costs to get proven quality but it seems that we haven’t learnt our lesson again, in which case we will surely pay the full price. Makes you feel teed of doesn’t it.

  2. Two proven and consistent goal scorers are essential to avoid last seasons skin of the teeth escape. No if’s or but’s otherwise it will reflect badly on Purslow, Smith and ultimately our Owners. While it would be nice to have more quality in the squad, Buendia, Cantwell, Brooks, Rico, Cash, Ramsdale etc… its the lack of goals that’s the priority.

  3. I think JG will stay as will Luiz, I also think Cantwell and Buendia would be a good shout but what we need most of all is a quality goal scorer or even two quality goal scorers fire power has been a major problem all season and whilst I have mixed feelings about Ollie Watkins and Benrahma both being Championship players I suppose if you consider Maupay he made the step up so there’s a good chance albeit a risk.
    Whoever we are going for we need to get on with it now players are returning and our new signings need to gel with their new team mates, let’s hope for good news sooner rather than later and let’s hope that we have learnt our lesson and make the right decisions this time

  4. newspapers are infotainment organisations. They have to publish or have empty pages. Since the club has been closed till today all the talk has the same status as the garbage which commentators come up with “if the score stays the same there will be a result which will lead to points being gained or lost.”

    that should be banned by law. Papers must however publish Best to do what they really fear – ignore them

    while you complain about them they will keep going as they know someone reads them.

    no readers – no problem But then, no website

    silence is however pure gold

    I just wrote to Jack G asking him to stay. That I thought was worth a first class stamp. Perhaps he might it, probably not. But its done

    Trevor Fisher

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