As MOMS suggested  last month, this Aston Villa takeover business isn’t going to be swift process.  The BBC today confirmed that ‘no credible buyer’ was currently in place.

While various ITK’s have clutched at straws connecting any American billionaire to buying Villa, the reality is a lot more sober. It’s very unlikely Villa will have a new owner in place before the new season starts, offering up the potential situation of a disruptive ownership exchange mid-season.

In the BBC article, football finance expert Peter Knowles was called on to give a round-up of the situation.

Knowles said: “A sale won’t happen overnight. Once a genuine buyer comes forward, you are looking at a period of at least three months to complete a sale.”

It may take three months, but it could take three years (knowing our luck), but Knowles is confident of a sale.

“It will sell,” he said. “But you are talking about somebody who would want it as a plaything rather than somebody looking to make serious money from it.

“Of course, there is the fit and proper persons test,  but that doesn’t seem to be the most stringent thing ever.”

The longer it rumbles on, the longer any chance of a  ‘bright future’ for Aston Villa is put on hold.




  1. It may be significant that the Roy Keane issue appears to be in a state of limbo at the moment. Is it possible that a takeover has taken a step closer while talks with Keane have been ongoing? Purely theoretical but club may have pulled the plug on that one, or at least put it on the backburner, with something potentially concrete in the works? Don’t forget, Randy’s sale of the Browns fell into place out of the blue and rather more swiftly than was mooted.

    • Yes Rob, good point. There was something about it being done after the World Cup I think. But if I was the potential new owner it makes sense to shelve it until you’ve spoken to the manager after the sale. Personally not sure I want Keane at VP, heard some good things about his coaching, but his manner betrays a level of aggression that I am not sure the players will react well to.

      I wonder if Keane will be a bit miffed if he had to give his WC pundit spot to MON so he could talk to Villa and it doesn’t go thru. MON, who even as a pundit only has a plan A with no subs.

  2. The sale of any football club puts it in danger of the wrong person buying it, It certainly puts the club back many years. and in the short term is putting the team in great danger of relagation. So can we all agree that when we here the words from villa supporters of the board must go, they are brain less morons, who do not have a clue

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