Aston Villa Seek Cushion From Precarious Position

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Aston Villa returned from their winter break to display the full spectrum of what they are capable of – from decent attacking football to foolish school boy errors. The injury-time loss against Spurs was a bitter pill to take, but much harder was the lacklustre showing against Southampton.

Yet, some how Villa still sit in 17th position in the Premier League, although after Saturday’s league fixtures, they may kick-off the the League Cup final against Manchester City on Sunday in the drop zone.

In the first of two My Old Man Said podcast shows since the winter break, David, Chris and Phil discuss Villa’s current predicament, as well as discussing the latest insights of Villa CEO Christian Purslow on Villa’s Youth Academy development and Carabao Cup opponents Manchester City’s recent UEFA rap.

There’s also discussion on Villa’s new boys from the January window, news about John McGinn’s return and more chat on VAR and unfit refs.

What else? Well, there’s a MOMS cushion competition…

Enjoy the show!


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David Michael – @oldmansaid 

Chris Budd – @BUDD_music

Phillip Shaw – @prsgame

Editor/Producer – David Michael

Outro music – Phil Marten


  1. Hope you read this and pass it on. The tube from Uxbridge hillingdon is closed Tomorrow!!!! Be a lot driving dues to few trains Sunday!

  2. I agree w/ all comments above. DS out of his depth. Terry no help (we DO have the WORSE defensive record in the league). Two things give me hope. McGinn coming back for last 10 games. And there are 6 other crap teams around us. 3 wins and 3 draws may just keep us up. We have tough games at home but Captain Jack always plays really well at Villa Park, so we do have a little hope… Going to a pub (here in South Florida) on Sunday morning to cheer us on. Not expecting a win, but a bloody good performance would be nice! UTV.

  3. I for one am totally behind Smithy …. But not Terry … The crux is. I don’t want to see another manager to come in and fix something that they will not [10 managers in 10 years?]. The crux is/was, is that all the players were POTENTIAL players. What can you expect? … I am sure if it was left 100% upto him. that it would of been different line up …. FACT! … Another manager is not the answer.

    I would have a gripe at the wide open flanks [forget the 4-3-3 in the prem]. But no one will ever will fully/totally agree with managers.

    Get rid of Terry. Let the board realise THEIR mistakes. And let Smithy do the rest …. I thought January saw this realisation. And the board tried to amend it …. Too many rookies and no veterans.

    On a personal note 4-1-4-1 …. 4-4-1-1 ….. Luiz needs a kick up the arse! And i hope Drinkwater is upto fitness. And Ghazi needs to grow up! …… UTV and c’mon Smithy!!!

  4. What should we do??? I cannot see us staying up under the current regime. A new manager might do what Pearson did and string enough wins together to stay up. I cannot see the Smith/Terry team doing that can you?? We should have made changes Xmas. We look so vulnerable every time a team goes forward. Southampton had the worst home record in the league… Look at the stats!!! It really cannot get worse can it? I truly hope we can string a few results together. We are making the same mistakes the previous ownerships have made. If it was my business I wouldn’t allow this would you?? They have been badly let down by the now many “Exutivestives and managers” nearly all our games left are again top half teams. We have 1 point all season against top half teams. If we play reserves we might win Sunday.

  5. get big sam in, big sam keeps you up.
    what are the owners about putting up with what we are all seeing ?

  6. We’re just kidding ourselves if we’re honest we know that our team is useless, I’m no Norwich fan but you watch them play and they give 100% the same goes for West Ham last night, and then you look at our lot 90+ mins and one shot on goal, what’s that all about and our manager without doubt has his part to play where’s the management where’s the motivation, where are the tactics, the hard facts are there is none and we’re going down, very very poor signings, poor team selection, it all ads up to playing Championship football, it’s clear that the players don’t give a stuff, the manager is way out of his depth, and we the fans are teed off with lame excuses and stupid remarks after each game, instead we should be showing some bottle, playing for the shirt, at the very least go down fighting, what’s going on now is shameful and unacceptable, at the end of the day the fans are paying for this big time, and we’ve had enough. Not going to talk about the cup match because for me it’s not a priority, it’s just the club and our manager that talk non stop about it. And there’s the problem our priorities are all wrong, our players are a bunch of fairies ElGhazi should never wear the shirt again. I know this is a rant but I believe that as a long standing supporter I speak for the majority of fans and we’re entitled to our opinions. The Championship looming. Loosing players looming albeit that’s debatable.Will anyone want them, Not much to look forward to then.

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