Aston Villa Season Ticket Stats Show Supporters Aren’t Too Happy

If you needed an insight into how Aston Villa’s support has suffered after five seasons of under achievement and an evaporation of ambition, the ease of how a Villa supporter could pick up an FA Cup final ticket compared to their Arsenal counterparts provided it.

Many Arsenal season ticket holders missed out on FA Cup final tickets due to the fact their allocation of 25,000 FA Cup final tickets barely catered to half of their 45,000+ season ticket holders. For Villa fans, if you had a booking history of just four or five games last season, you were able to snap up a Wembley ticket and Villa’s estimated 18,000 season ticket holders had no problem getting a ticket.

Of course, Arsenal supporters have enjoyed season after season in the top four and the Champions League for a while now, but Bradford City this season can even match Villa’s season ticket tally. How the mighty have fallen.

It’s obvious when a club has experienced some of the worst home form in its entire history, attendances will drop.  ‘Fortress’ is a word that has long left the Villa Park dictionary and supporters haven’t felt much in the way of home comforts, so the expense of season tickets for some fans is understandably hard to justify.


The average match ticket price for a Season Ticket holder at Villa Park is £28.68, which is the 10th highest in the Premier League. Although there is the option to get one of the cheapest season tickets in the Premier League. So if you consider the cost of a Villa season ticket as average for the league, it again shows that the drop in numbers is again alarming, if it is not surprising.

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Season Ticket Percentage

The stat that shows how the Villa faithful have reacted to Villa’s recent failings on the pitch is the low % of season ticket holders that the club have this season, just 52% of Villa Park attendances is made up of season ticket holders.

It’s the lowest in the Premier League.

With Villa only on four points after almost of quarter of the season gone, and with a tough bunch of fixtures ahead, it’s unlikely the club will receive an influx of new half-season ticket holders come January.

We’ve had several important ‘survival seasons’ for the club recently, but with this season ticket slump and the team’s current relegation zone pedigree, with the huge TV rights money bonanza for Premier League teams next season, this season is one of the most important in the club’s history. Randy Lerner and friends need to step up, because our beloved club potentially faces a real disaster.


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  1. I’m curious to know how Sunderland’s lowest season ticket price is £400, but their most popular season ticket price is £370.

    • So I’m I! Table from the Everton’s Supporter Trust’s Twitter account. I’m guessing whoever did the table meant £470?

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