By Stephen H.

When Enough is Enough

I am a 61-year-old Villa supporter and have been going to Villa Park for over 50 years and have been a season ticket holder for over 40 years along with my 29-year-old son who has had a season ticket since he was six-years-old.

‘For the first time in my life I am totally embarrassed by my club and feel totally let down to the point where I’ve had enough’

I have seen all the ups and downs of Aston Villa, from the darkest days in the 3rd Division to travelling through Europe to watch us win the European cup.

In all those dark times there was always hope and a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Going to Villa Park has been my life for 50 years and my sons for the last 23 years, I have missed the odd game through illnesses etc, but just the odd game. For the first time, I can’t even remember if there has been a time where I simply didn’t want to go, until recently, that was the Wycombe game and then the Manchester City game.


Over the last four or five years I have seen my beloved club dismantled and systematically put through the shredder by an absent owner and his happless henchmen who struggle to realise what shape ball we play with. Even that I understand, as they are business men pulling all the financial strings at the club, there lies the problem, they are obviously totally inept at their jobs, that is why, this time, there is NO light at the end of the tunnel.

For the first time in my life I am totally embarrassed by my club and feel totally let down to the point where I’ve had enough, so as my son, we don’t want to go anymore, and it’s hard to say that.

Why should anyone bother, the henchmen don’t seem to be bothered, except for their own well being and bank accounts. They have already waved the white flag for this season, so why should the players bother, and so why should WE bother.



So, I would like to thank Mr Lerner, Mr Fox, Mr Reilly (who the hell is he, what does he do?) and thanks to the other bloke who’s name I can’t spell, and finally thanks to the new chairman Mr Hollis, I know you have only just joined the club, and most of the tripe precedes you, but you have knocked the final nail into the claret and blue coffin by totally ignoring the latest transfer window, all hope has now gone. If you’re a true chairman and leader, may I ask one thing? Why haven’t you fired all of the inept board of directors for dereliction of duty over the last five years or does your employment have a different agenda? Happy asset stripping!

Season ticket holders or not……that’s it, we’ve had enough, sadly no more Villa for us until we have a club and a board worthy of our support.


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  1. I have a tattoo on my right shoulder that simply says Aston villa it has been with me for 38 years it will remain there till I die,but the rot that has infested our great club and greed will continue. IF YOU PURCHASE A 1ST DIVISION (PREMIERSHIP) CLUB BE PREPARED AS OUR MOTTO GOES to lose money on a large scale as in relation to money earned villa fans have for nearly 2 centuries so get out leaner just as you made one of our best managers since RON SAUNDERS who also left after disagreement with chairman you know who you are MON return when board have bollocks to back club with money not asset strip.

  2. Well am I the only one who’s spotted a trend here it seems it’s only or not to insult anyone long term and true villians who voice how they feel .The shallow suits won’t miss you if as you say you’ll walk away never to look back just go ,I for one will have my say I will if I get a chance tell those shallow suits what I feel if it does nothing other than make them feel hated so be it ,they are not like us common customers who swear and shout ,well I think their parent hood is about to be in question over the next few weeks .So stay loyal to yourself ,keep the faith and Villa till we die.P’s KS remember the red red robin.

  3. I am 56 been surrporting Villa since 1963 and season ticket holder but no more seen the highs and the lows of div 1/2/3 Europe, but this as now broke my heart never seen a board just give up and except were going down randy has totally ruined our once mighty proud club just so embarrassed and let down by that shower of shit that are running us now we moaned about Doug but god I wish he was running us now

  4. Heartbroken,first game was v derby county in 1948,stood on witton lane banking with my late mother,had season tickets with my 2 children,but wouldn’t now go if I was paid. Lerner has so much money he does not care,and will continue to rob fans until he can say it’s not viable and sell the assets and move the club away from villa park. A disgrace to humanity my Lerner,you and your Yankee mates. just one request, GET OUT please.

  5. Well, seems like the customers aren’t happy. Wonder what the Chairperson will do about it? F’all.

    Not a season ticket holder, almost bought one on the back of Snake saying he would stay. Only good thing about that debacle was he backtracked quick enough for me to cancel the purchase.

    To all of the good people who suffer by going to Villa park, could you not all just stay away from the next big televised game at Villa Park. Wonder what the papers would say if the stadium was empty? My other idea is to chant very rude things about board, lerner, etc during the televised games. They cannot cut the noise out, and Mr L would be forced to watch the game in silence lest he wants to hear the stuff.

    And to the longtime fan who started this, respect!

  6. I suggest for the next season that ALL season tickets holders DO NOT renew their tickets. Only select the matches that you want to go to. Then and only then will the dreadful board take any notice of what the real fans think. I hope that Randy loose every penny, as this would be justice for what he has done to this club.
    I will not be renewing my season ticket next year until this bunch of W****** have left.

  7. Hope randy losers all his money the fucking piece of shit am so heart broken now not one signing in one month.
    Now garde questioning his future cos are owners & board haven’t a clue how to run a football club. He randy appoint a new chairman just before transfer window open so he didn’t have to be the one that takes the flack and the backlash for fans!
    Its bullshit how all the players we was link too not one come in!!! Not fucking one.
    Randy the worst person that Ellis could of sold us too and he found the yank bastard some how!!! Hope he suffers a slow painful lose just like we have for the last 5 year watching u kill and drain are beloved villa

  8. How the board have alienated and embarrassed us as a football club and a fan base is nothing short of shameful. We are in the most competitive league in football, results and form are not always guaranteed! We understand. All we ask is that we see fight from board level right down to the subs bench. We have always done our bit. Season tickets, pies, beers, travel.
    Working 5/6 days a week earning in a year what these people, not only players, but board members earn in a couple of days. putting our earnings back into the club we love and all we get in return is being treated like children from the 1920s, be seen and not heard! Hardly any communication from upon high, no real understanding of what it’s like paying money you can barely afford to see utter dross on a saturday. no plan a, b or c. Put it this way Inwould have rather them tell us that the plan was getting championship ready and to have gone out and brought proven championship quality and bed them in and show even a little bit of foresight and fight for next season than the usual silence. I feel bad for remi I really do. I can now see us whimpering out of the best league in English football and remi walking in the summer. Leaving us right back to square one and another ill prepared pre-season. That is one mistake we cannot afford to make because the chamionship schedule is brutal. I understand the need to stick by your team and the argument for hope, optimism standing strong together. All I say to that is if the board have already given up, what message does that send to the manager, players and all of us. What is the saying. If you truly love something you can let it go. Well i think we all need to have a think about whether we continue to fund these b******* that have ruined this once great football club. Only through change can we move forward.

  9. It’s sad that we have come to this but it occurred to me that all the other clubs have have just accelerated away from us, only Leicester and us have been inactive in the window, I hope Leicester don’t live to regret it. The situation is so bizarre that I can’t help wondering if there is some sort of secret plan that we don’t know about and all will be revealed later. I have my doubts. As a supporter since 1953 I am seriously considering handing my season ticket back, I have never felt so let down but giving up on the club just seems so alien to me I have never given up on anything and that is part of the problem, why would a professional sports club throw the towel in half way through the season?

  10. The club has let the season ticket holders down.we pay upfront and now cannot even save money by choosing not to go. I travelled to games for 33 years whilst living in son and his girlfriend still travel from Berkshire. I do not expect to win the league,but do expect the board to act as though they have a duty of care to season ticket holders.

    They have failed in their duties and as with any business, they should be sacked.

    Looking forward to my discounted season ticket next season as compensation for the next 4 months of slow death of a great club.

  11. If you can remember THE BOARD MUST GO written on the back of the old Holte End then you know Villa fan power can change what seems to be a utterly inept and delusions bunch of washed out business men .Don’t be some one who walks away every chance you have tell those shallow suits what they are .Make them question their position ,we have a voice US the ripple is turning into a wave and I for one want to be there when the wave comes crashing onto Villa Park .Remember three teams go down and we’ve dodged it for years ,so stay loyal to yourself keep the faith and tell the board its time to go .Villa till we die.

    • Villa til I die is a sentiment many of us echo and I guess that’s part of the problem. Those total tossers who represent (non-playing) management know that our love of the club will prevent us taking action sooner. Or will it?

  12. I’m also 60, been watching the Villa since 1963. Season ticket holder for most of my life, but no more not while these clowns continue to destroy my beloved Villa. I came to this conclusion four years ago, we had four season ticket my wife, two grandsons and myself, best part of £1500 a season to watch my club waste away.
    I’m broken hearted, I still have that letter sent to all shareholders by that disgrace of a chairman promising he was in it for the long haul, b******t. I’m just glad my old man not here to see the state we are in.

  13. I have a physical permanent record of being at the Witton end and breaking my finger trying to reach a misplaced Stan LYNN penalty kick.Now I am abroad watching the agonizing death of my beloved club.Maybe I am an optimist, but given that Randy hasn’t found a buyer yet, is sit possible that Steve Hollis mandate is to put together a group of local Birmingham investors to buy the club? One investor wont do it but there must be enough wealthy midlanders with a love for claret and blue??

  14. As a fan coming to villa for 41 years with 33 of those being whilst living in Berkshire, I do not think the board have a clue to how much this great club means to us.

    This season we are penalised as season ticket holders,as we cannot even save money by not going. My son and his girlfriend still travel from Berkshire.

    We should have 1/2 price season tickets next season for having to watch hapless football.i
    With no light at the end of the tunnel, I fear next season could be continued gloom whilst this lot are in charge.

  15. I win! I’m 64 and been supporting the Villa for 59 years! If you think this is a low then you never traveled to Wexhan & watched a goalless draw! Grow up!!

    • Nez I assume you mean Wrexham. I can’t accept your statement that we should all “grow up” Does this mean that the current situation is acceptable to you? Please don’t insult the thousands of Villa fans who have EVERY reason to be frustrated and annoyed by comments such as that.

    • Well Nez, old chap, won’t be long before you go down memory lane and get to see them play Wrexham again. This time I doubt you’ll get the draw. And I doubt you’ll have the feeling that we were on the way back up.

  16. I meant to ad in my comments that I don’t in any way blame Remi Garde I just feel sorry for him.

  17. Couldn’t agree more my friend I am over 70 and like you have supported this club all my life. I now live in France and regularly travel to Villa Park at some cost, but enough is enough, this bunch of muppets called the board are spineless and gutless, and clearly know nothing about football, or the loyal Villa fans, don’t insult me further by saying it’s our position yes it’s contributed but Sunderland have made signings and their position is as bad of ours, looking at their up coming fixtures with a striker we stood every chance of finishing above them after the next few games. We are a laughing stock, believe me even the French laugh at my car stickers, and the so called board are waving the white flag with 15 games to go. Well let’s be clear NOT IN MY NAME It pains me to say but you won’t be seeing me again until these muppets are long gone.

  18. I fully sympathise with this statement as a supporter of nearly as many years …I feel the board have conspired to kill Villa off – There should be a financial investigation as Villa run as a club are not fit for purpose and this needs investigating. In all my time as a supporter since 1967 I think this is the worse team I have witnessed. You cannot possibly plunge so quickly into the depths of Football Death like Villa have unless it is designed that way. It is not possible. Place as many inept Executives that know nothing of football This looks like a deliberate sabotage agenda to kill Villa off. You cannot be that incompetent looking after a club that has millions of pounds flowing through its veins week in week out and all that history. The board has to go. Cleanse the blood in the hope of a resurrection. I bet Cameron Hanks William sending out public occult codes has had something to do with this – Villa a bloom Sacrifice. I know Im clutching at straws – well wouldn’t you ?

  19. Totally agree with this post although presently not a season ticket holders l do attend games and have followed the Club for nearly 60 years l am heart broken at the way the greatest club in the world is being run l don’t know how to handle it l refuse to watch any more games but l will gladly attend any protest get out of my club Lerner and take your idiots with you!

  20. As a 55 year old lifetime villa fan I feel the same. Randy Lerner has let himself down, his father down, every villa fan down and even America down. I can only assume that he is a spoilt little rich kid that thinks football clubs are for x-mas not for life and when he gets bored becomes sulky and petulant and doesn’t want to play anymore. He can run from Villa but he can’t run from himself and when he looks back on his life he will realise what a sad little man he is. Sell up for a knock down price and go away. Let people who care have their club back.

  21. I’m 62 years of age and went to my first game in 1962. I’ve also seen it all (apart from winning the FA Cup). This current debacle is unprecedented and clearly demonstrates dereliction of duty at many levels in the club – and that includes the players. I agree wholeheartedly with Stephen H and because I am a distant fan these days (I live in the North East) I have no Season Ticket to give up.

  22. My first visit to Villa Park was on my Dad’s shoulders for a home defeat to Manchester United in December 1956 and in support of your eloquent peroration the next home game I attend will be when all of those you named above have moved on to strip assets in Canary Wharf or Wall Street.

    • Enough has already been said, on this and other websites. Time for action. Like waving white flags, a suggestion I saw on another website. Ha ha ha positively brilliant! You’ve already surrendered! When you supposedly have your “best” player sabotaging any chance of survival you know the game is up.
      As I said before rename the club Aston Vichy! Highly appropriate!
      The only ones who have had any bottle so far are those fans having a go at Wycombe. They shocked Garde and his players. But we must support the team! Ha ha ha! Look where that’s got you.

      Funny how NCO’s in the British Army abuse recruits and soldiers alike on £19K a year but you musn’t shout at mercenaries on +£20K a week.

      I predict a lot of you will be seeing all 92 league clubs in a very short space of time if you don’t get ugly and get Lerner out PDQ.

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