The Villa Fiver: Aston Villa Results Compared to Last Season – After 15 Games

Villa results comparison

Aston Villa results compared to last season (after 15 equivalent games)


The last five games prior to taking on Manchester United were deemed to be a slightly easier period for Villa but it hasn’t quite been that way. A dull draw against Sunderland and a loss to Fulham were disappointing, but we did enjoy a decent run of form and a good win at Southampton. The derby against West Brom that promised to be a feisty encounter also lived up to its billing. Let us again take a look at how we have faired over the past five games in relation to last season.


Aston Villa results from games ten to fifteen with last season’s corresponding result in brackets


Cardiff (h) W 2-0 (W 3-2 – compared to QPR)

West Brom (a) D 2-2 (D 2-2)

Sunderland (h) D 0-0 (W 6-1)

Southampton (a) W 3-2 (L 4-1)

Fulham (a) L 2-0 (L 1-0)


Points difference compared to fixtures last season – +1

Goals scored – 7 (11)

Goals conceded – 6 (10)


After 15 Games Total


Points difference compared to the same fixtures last season – +6

Goal difference compared to same fixtures last season – +14

Goals scored – 16 (19)

Goals conceded – 18 (35)


It’s been a strange few games for Aston Villa and it’s been difficult to predict which side will turn up. We’ve seen the battling spirit (against West Brom), the team grinding out results (against Cardiff and Southampton) and the team that represented the dark moments of last season (against Fulham).

There’s no denying that we’re still improving, however, and we’re six points better off than we were after the same 15 games last season. It’s a decent improvement, although more improvement is needed considering the team’s woeful record last season.

The style of football has baffled many. It’s a departure from what we saw last season. At the same time, it seems to be achieving some decent results. Who knows how Lambert will set the team up for the next five games with increasing pressure from fans over poor performances, listed below:


Manchester United (h) (L 3-2)

Stoke City (a) (W 3-1)

Crystal Palace (h) (L3-0 – comparing Crystal Palace to Wigan)

Swansea City (H) (W 2-0)

Sunderland (a) (W 1-0)


It’s another slightly friendlier run after the first five games early in the season. While the home loss against United mirrors the same result last season and will be counted in the next five game report, Villa will need a minimum of three wins out of four to match last season’s corresponding results. We all know how well we do away from home so there’s the opportunity for some good results against Sunderland and Stoke. Home games against Crystal Palace and Swansea might be edgy with our home form, but generally there’s the chance to carry on making progress up the table.

Villa have had their critics this season due to their tactics, with 0-0 results recalling bygone managerial eras, but it has been encouraging to see Villa keep it fairly solid in defence (certainly compared to last season). Let’s hope it’s an enjoyable set of games to add to the Christmas festivities. UTV.


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  1. Six points better off than last season and we’re in a “crisis”. Makes no sense to me at all. We are playing badly and getting results. Which shows progression from last season when we were just playing badly.
    Yes we aren’t scoring as many but we are not conceeding a lot which again is slight progression.
    I think villa fans lack patience and expect things we are not capable of yet.

  2. tactics what tactics I can hear the glory hunters (critics) shouting . But would the shouts be less quiet if heaven forbid Villa had beaten the hoodoo & actually won on Sunday ? I suspect not because they never will be satisfied & there’s a growing number of out of work managers who for a short while might satisfy their lust for glory , if they could convince Randy that a change is required . But then perhaps that’s why he rarely occupies a seat @ Villa Park , as sat in a seat watching the match on the box the other side of the great Pond he will hardly be able to hear the noise from the rabble rousers

    As for those points surely Villa can get some if not all of them ?

    • Glory hunter critics? Villa haven’t won anything since 1996… Villa didn’t win against United. ‘Lust for glory’??? I think most fans have a rational ambition just to see the team competitive. They should be top half every season. And, yes, if they get their act together, they should get a few points in the next four games.

      • having read the diatrite on another web calling for Lambert to be sacked and replaced with another from the managerial merry go round I’m not so sure about that !As for how long it is since Villa won anything significant relates to the concept that Villa should be top half every season I don’t know . But certainly NO club has a God given right to finish in a particular position . Yes it would be nice to finish near or @ the top of the league , but is it possible ?
        I think what we as fans should be asking is whether PL can do a Fergie and take Villa all the way to the top & stay there for several seasons using the young squad he is building !

        • In terms of top-half expectations, I’m referring to the size of the club, stadium, fanbase, history etc. It’s where the club should be in terms of bottom-line ambition.

          I think Lambert’s approach is one of the only ways he can do ‘a Fergie’ and take Villa beyond just top-half. However, he needs to add quality along the way to supplement and bolster the squad.

          He’s no going anywhere with the current midfield, but just getting a solid DM and AM could transform this team, which already has good spirit.

          • I agree about the need for a DM or a fit Herd playing DM . As for a AM my understanding is that Helenius was bought instead of an AM as he’s a forward & not an out & out striker , but maybe an experienced DM would be an aid to squad development , & Toivonen is apparently up for grabs in Jan. as his contract is up in the summer & PSV don’t want to let him go for free

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