The Villa Fiver: Aston Villa Results Now Below Last Season’s Standard – After 25 Games


Aston Villa Result Analysis 2013/14


In the last Villa Fiver, a feature where we simply compare this season’s results with the corresponding games of last season, someone left a comment saying it was ‘moronic in it’s aim’. We get the feeling that the comment was made because since the latest Villa Fiver highlighted a bad run of results (five points down), it was a ‘negative article’. Er, newsflash…we don’t make up or influence the results! THEY ARE NOT OUR FAULT. We prefer it if Villa would win EVERY game, so don’t shoot the messenger.

There are a certain brigade out there who see things as positive or negative, and that if you ever question what is happening at the club or on the field, then that’s not supporting the club. These supporters then get offensive simply because they prefer to bury their heads in the sand rather than contemplate the actual facts. I just hope they don’t do jury service any time soon.

Anyway, those supporters probably should look away now, as we look at games 20 to 25 of Villa’s season.

Our last comparison – after 20 games – saw Aston Villa still ahead of last season in terms of equivalent results against the same teams, although the difference had dropped to being just one point better off.

The next five games had started off promisingly with decent performances against Arsenal and Liverpool, albeit only fetching a single point, before winning the local derby shoot-out against the Baggies. A decent haul of four points, wasn’t built on though, as Villa then suffered a couple of losses.

Villa’s last game against Cardiff will feature in the next ‘Villa Fiver’ five results, although it was the draw was the same as Villa managed away at QPR last season (the equivalent game), so doesn’t add anything to the below calculations.


Aston Villa results games 21 to 25

 Last season’s results are in brackets.

Arsenal (h) L 1-2 (D 0-0)

 Liverpool (a) D 2-2  (W 3-1)

 West Brom (h) W 4-3 (D 1-1)

 Everton (a) L  2-1 (D 3-3)

 West Ham (h) L 2-0 (W 2-1)


Points difference compared to fixtures last season: – 5

 Goals scored – 8  (9)

 Goals conceded 11 (6)

Last season, in the equivalent games against the same five teams, Villa were unbeaten. This time they lost three. leaving them five points down compared to the same games last season. Meaning Villa’s last 10 games have seen them drop 10 points compared to results in the same fixtures last season.

It’s a worrying run considering we’re now at the business end of the season with Villa now firmly in a relegation fight.

Including a FA Cup win, the recently sacked Fulham boss Ray Meulensteen actually won more games (4) in the period he was in charge at Fulham than Lambert did (3) during the same period at Villa. While Villa’s approach of standing by their man is better than Fulham’s panic stations mentality, the Villa boss needs results fast, as the club approach some dangerous territory with March a particularly tough month in terms of fixtures.


After 25 Games Total


Points difference compared to the same fixtures last season –  -4

Goals scored – 27 (36)

Goals conceded – 36 (48)

Goal difference – -9 (-12)


League Position after 25 games:

This season: 12th on 27 pts

Last season: 19th on 21 pts


With Villa now four points down on last year’s corresponding fixtures, if Villa just matched their results last season in the remaining games, they’d finish on 37 points, and with the bottom bunch of teams this year expected to accumulate higher points totals than last year’s bottom three (36, 28, 25pts), Villa would be relegated.

But ‘Villa are six points better off than at this stage of 25 games last season’, I hear you cry! Yes, but this is the stage of the season where Villa began to rattle off the wins that saved them last season. They won three out of their next five games, leaving them on 30 points after 3o games. To match that, Villa will need three points from these fixtures:


Cardiff (a) 0-0  (D 1-1- compared to QPR)

Newcastle (a) (D 1-1)

Norwich (h) (D 1-1)

Manchester City (a) (L 5-0)

Chelsea (h) (L 2-1)


So, they have one point in the bag after the Cardiff game, making the next two games pivotal to Villa’s season, as the two after that will be against two teams in full League title fighting mode.

You have to say one win is bare minimum bottom-line, while two wins will be a massive help. If Villa match the results of last season, then Villa will once again be on 30 points from 30 games, and it will be most definitely squeaky bum time. UTV

How points do you think Villa will end up on after 30 games? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Our next run of fixtures is pretty worrying. If we fail to get 3 or 4 points from Newcastle and Norwich we could well find ourselves in the bottom 3 by the end of these games.

    The one thing keeping me positive going into the business end of the season is that, once we get Chelsea out of the way, we have played all the top sides at home and should really go into every home game expecting a win from then on.

    Only problem there is I went to home games against Sunderland, Newcastle, Palace, West Ham expecting the same and we got 1 point out of them all!


  2. simple, no new contract, football dire, we are going backwards, u21 and youth are worse also. I am grateful I go to away games when sometimes they turn up, but at home he’s a joke, he doesn’t know how to win football games

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