Will Aston Villa Get Relegated This Season? The MOMS Prediction Verdict

NEWSFLASH… Villa will be safe!

There’s no need for any sleepless nights. Villa are going to survive. You heard it here first. Four of MOMS writers have sat down and faced the potential horror that is the BBC Premiership Predictor and played out the rest of the season.

While this is not an exact science, our trials have identified the following trends in our results:

1. Villa will survive but it will be squeaky bum time all the way. One of us has Villa surviving by goal difference (What? Some team will finish with worse goal difference than Villa!), another says by two points, while Mr Green, says nine points (was he drunk when he did the predictor?)

2. No team is predicted by everyone to get relegated, so it’s going to be a close one. It’ll be three from QPR, Wigan, Southampton, Reading and Norwich though.

3. To Norwich fans waiting to enjoy laughing at Lambert for leaving them and relegating Villa, two of our predictors have Norwich down for a dramatic late slide out of the Premiership. Fulham may also be in contention for a late slide, if they’re not careful.

4. Spurs could finish second. Three predictors have them down for the runner’s up spot (weren’t they a team that Villa were once in the same ballpark of). They seem to be on song at the moment while Manchester City look like a team who know they’ve blown their season.

5. It’ll be close between Arsenal and Chelsea for the final Champion’s League spot…but who really cares. One day, that spot will belong to AVFC. Mr Lambert – keep us up and keep the dream alive! UTV

* – Please note some games are missing from the BBC Predictor at the moment, but they don’t effect Villa’s plight in the below tables.

David Michael’s Prediction Table


MOMS’ founder David has taken a realistic yet hopeful approach to his predictions. Home wins against QPR, Fulham and an away win at Norwich, plus a bunch of five hard-fought draws will do the trick. If Villa hit the 38 point mark that should be enough.

Stephen Green’s Prediction Table


Stephen, the writer of the regular MOMS column ‘What We Learnt This Week…’ , has gone for a more eccentric ‘all or nothing approach’ with five wins and five defeats.

“I may have been a little ambitious with this,” he says. “It sees us stay up quite comfortably in 15th. I think it’s doable, we’ve played well lately, it’s just unfortunate that we’ve come up against Arsenal and Citeh back to back.”

For the record the wins he’s targeted are: Reading, QPR, Fulham, Sunderland and Wigan

Elliot Sutcliffe’s Prediction Table


Elliot’s call is too close for comfort, relying on the faltering fortunes of Norwich and Southampton. If somebody told you now that Villa would finish below Wigan and Reading at the end of the season, you’d think it would be game over. Apparently not.
“I do think Norwich and Southampton will go down with either Reading or QPR,” he says. “But I’m confident we’ll survive still!”

Kerry Lenihan’s Prediction Table


The BBC doesn’t help matters here by having a Wigan game missing from the fixtures list, but lets say they win it, then they just need to beat Villa at home on the last day of the season to survive. Could you handle going to Wigan on the last day of the season knowing we’d need a result to make sure of our survival?

“It would seem a couple of goals here and there, and that last-min cheeky away win on the closing day of the season will secure our place, ” Kerry boldly predicts.

By the looks of it she has very little time for QPR and Reading’s chances of survival. Rednapp’s targeting 37 points for safety…he’ll only end up 16 short then! So it looks like it’s between Villa and Wigan for the final spot.

Lewis Rymond’s Prediction Table

Lewis Predictions.jpg

Lewis, who does the MOMS match preview ‘The Villa Appetiser’, has Villa finishing on 37 points, the target that Harry Rednapp set for QPR.

A win for Villa or QPR in their fixture against each other, next week, will go along way to making that target realistic for at least one of the teams.

Again though, it looks like it’ll go down to the wire for Villa.



  1. Looking at that predictor, we got the easiest run in out of the bottom 4! we can ease the pressure with a Win today. if we win today it takes off the pressure of winning at Wigan last game of the season !

  2. very close & it will all be down to not losing at wigan last game
    NORWICH CIT   38
    SOUTHMPTN   37
    WIGAN              36
    READING          32
    QPR                    22

  3. I have villa finishing 15th with 40 points 4 wins 3 draws 3 loses bottom three wigan bottem 26point qpr 27 points southampton 28 points fingers crossed

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