Aston Villa Owner Declares Villa Manager Job Down to Two Candidates.

Villa Manager Job Enters Final Stretch

After a week of avoiding the silly stories of Steve McClaren, Big Sam, Sherwood’s return and the like, MOMS can now get more interested in the process of appointing the next Aston Villa manager.

As you’ll be able to tell from the forthcoming MOMS podcast (hopefully out in the next 24hrs), we’re not too excited by the potential candidates, but Tony Xia announced on Twitter today that the due diligence and consideration of all the potential contenders has been done and we are now down to the final two.


Doctor Tony seems keen to point out that the three doing the rounds in the media are not 100% correct. I’m guessing that this is ruling out David Wagner of Huddersfield, who I wouldn’t expect to leave his current club at this point and also he hasn’t exactly proved himself beyond being the ‘flavour of the month’.

As MOMS stated before the Roberto Di Matteo sacking was announced, in real terms, you’d expect Steve Clarke to be in the mix and him being the caretaker manager, ensures the club don’t have to panic or rush any appointment.

You’d think it would be a choice between either a manager who will get us promoted in the short-term and then might be dumped in the Premier League, or a manager that has cache for the top league too, since that is the ultimate goal.

As for Steve Bruce. I have very mixed feelings about appointing him, as it would pretty much rubber-stamp the club’s fall from grace into mediocrity.

At least, we’ve entered the realms of reality now and there are real contenders rather than just rumours and clickbait stories.


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  1. Steve Bruce is the man, never mind falling from grace we haven’t been there for years anyway. At the moment we are not too good for him, he is actually in the stoner position! He is an excellent Championship manager who will make a difference and I think we could finish top 4 with him in charge. Get him now !

  2. Well it certainly aint David Wagner, whos said today he is not leaving Huddersfield and certainly not for another championship club

  3. It’s got to be Bruce which I’m glad about. We are 19th in the championship so we cannot expect names like Klinsmann to come in. Bruce has has a great history of promoting clubs and that is all we are worried about now. He may bring his tried and trusted mate spinksy with him which hopefully will soften the blown to the Bruce doubters,

  4. The general trend seems to be go with Bruce and it wouldn’t surprise me if Bruce came in and retained Clarke and Bond as his support team if they want to stay. Bruce has no “team” to bring from Hull as it looks as though they are all stopping so he might just go with Clarke as they know each other well and Clarke does have all the team info for Bruce to hit the ground running. What we don’t need is a new manager coming in and not fancying the 12 or so new players the clubs paid a fortune on. We really are desperate now to get some continuity after so many managers and stand ins over the past 18 months.

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