Aston Villa Need Oven Ready Strikers to Get Survival Done

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A Claret and Blue Autopsy

After a gallant draw away at the King Power in the first leg of the League Cup semi-final against Leicester City, a tired and clueless looking Aston Villa got hit for six by Manchester City. It again proved Dean Smith needs reinforcements pronto.

In the latest My Old Man Said podcast show, the MOMS team look at the concern over January window progress when it comes to strikers, the regression of Villa’s midfield, the concern of Villa being too nice a team, and questions some of the things Dean Smith has been saying recently.

We also look at the 6-1 Manchester City embarrassment, Villa’s chances of getting to Wembley in the cup, the signing of Pepe Reina and come up with some reasons to be cheerful despite dropping into the Premier League’s bottom three again.

Also, the show discusses FA hypocrisy over giving TV highlights rights to betting companies, La Liga taking Saudi Arabian cash for football and a heart-warming story from Norwich.

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Enjoy the show!


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  1. Samatta looks great buy. Scored every other game everywhere he’s played including international. For a change he looks stable, captain club and Country. Not a big target manither, we don’t play that way. Our incompetent ran club have still left us without a striker against Brighton and Watford. That could seal our fate. , Apart from the injured Heaton and the already loaned Mings who we payed Bournemouth 3 x more than they singed him for despite only playing 6 times in 3 seasons! No other player this regime has brought in has performed anywhere near premiership standard or indeed showed the necessary attitude that will keep us in the premiership. I have just read that Smith does not read Social media about football. A shame if he did read MOMS he might actually learn something because he’s not learned a think since last season and continues to bury his head in the sand and cat see he is failing miserably at every aspect of managing this club.

  2. I agree we’re now linked with Slimani who won’t help our situation All we get is talk and mor talk we need a quality striker now just as we have all season, do I suppose this means that we are going into another game with no striker it’s plain suicide Brighton must be clapping their hands, come on Smith what are you doing we’re a laughing stock. How many teams in the PL play with no striker if you don’t know Smith the answer is NONE.

  3. Well news today we are negotiating for Slimani. 16 goals in 3 and half seasons. Although has 7 for Monaco this seasonon loan from Leicester. So why would he come here? Never mind we are in negotiation for Nzonzi!!! Just what we need a defensive midfielder on loan at galatasery from Roma banned for walking out of training and announced he’s giving up football for Boxing. We could do with some fight though. Still although we are desperate for midfielders and can’t score he’s big so he could cover for 1 of our 5 international goalkeepers. Listening to Smith I think he’s as confused over transfers as we are. Not that that’s any excuse for a manager who continues to make every bad decision possible. Fails to motivate, so tactically naive, Nayland has 2 good games let’s encourage that and get another keeper. Hence we let in 6. The club is in absolute unprofessional chaos! We start next season 10 points behind in Championship bankrupt with 30 players on silly wages who no one will touch apart from Grealish and the overrated McGinn. Am I being too pessimistic. Unless we win next 3 I don’t think so!

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