Aston Villa Must Address Fundamentals to Get Their Mojo Back

The players know it, Dean Smith knows it and as the MOMS podcast has been saying for some time, Villa have been below their par for the 2021 part of this season. It’s not longer about the perspective of last season, the here and now needs addressing.

Does missing Jack Grealish now mean that players can’t beat the first man on corners? That they can’t make five yard passes? That they are too inhibited to shoot? Or can’t make a tackle?

This seems to be an overall team issue, they’ve not clicking and the basic fundamentals need addressing swiftly.

The latest My Old Man Said podcast show highlights what is wrong with Villa at the moment and why suggesting it’s all about Jack Grealish’s absence is glossing over some obvious concerns.

We also look back at Villa’s avoidable home defeat to Spurs and catch up on the latest Villa news, the highlight being Ollie Watkins call-up to the England squad.

We also take a look at the potential scope of merging the Belgian and Dutch leagues, PSG’s Angel Di Maria’s bizarre substitution and Bono’s injury-time goal.

Overrated or Underrated looks at a player with one of the shortest Villa careers – Robbie Keane.



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