Aston Villa the Most Successful Premier League Team With English Managers

To be honest with you, MOMS isn’t too bothered what the nationality of any Aston Villa manager or player is… although in recent times we’ve for some reason grown a dislike to Scottish managers.

However, it seems that now having an Englishman in Tim Sherwood at the helm could be pointing Villa in the right direction, when you see the following table we just saw on Sky Sports social media channels.

It’s amazing to think that since the Premier League was formed, Aston Villa are the team to have won the most trophies of any club under English managers.


english manager trophy winners



It quite an astonishing fact to think that Ron Atkinson and Brian Little’s League Cup wins in 1994 & 1996 respectively, make Villa top dogs when it comes to having English managers. With those wins around two decades ago too, it’s a sorry indictment on the overall standard of English football managers.

The fact that Newcastle have gone for Steve McClaren kind of sums it up, after his League Cup win with Middlesborough in 2004, he’s never lasted at a club more than two years. Yes, McClaren won a Dutch league with FC Twente, but after that he failed in Germany and on his return to Twente, before not even being up to scratch in the Championship with Forest or Derby.

If Tim Sherwood can put in a decent shift next season for Villa, in what would be his first full season as a Premier League manager, then he would already be seen as one of the top English managers around. It’s just a shame he didn’t pick up Villa’s third Premier League period English manager won trophy at Wembley last month, to give us some daylight in the record books.

Maybe next season he can go one better?


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