Aston Villa Proven to be Premier League’s Most Boring Team

False Dawn?

As Aston Villa fans we’ve known it’s been dull and dire stuff at Villa Park in recent years, in terms of both performances and results. I’d hoped after my last two visits to Villa Park at the end of 2014, to see the Manchester United and Leicester City games, that the trend was being bucked and that 2015 would bring fresh hope. Personally, I’d enjoyed both games; there had been plenty of incident, the crowd sparked into life and even the results were decent.

It didn’t last long though…

Luckily, the holiday period gave me an excuse to miss the three back-to-back games at Villa Park, that saw out 2014 and heralded in 2015. Two 0-0 draws and a 1-0 cup win, with the winner coming against the Championship strugglers Blackpool with two minutes to go. To call these three performances uninspiring is an understatement. Sales for Half-Season tickets can’t have been too hot as a result.

Another Lambert Record

It seems though now the current Villa team are getting a reputation for boredom from neutrals as well. Four Four Two magazine ran an article online this week with the headline: ‘Why this Aston Villa team is the most boring in Premier League history?’

In Premier League history? Ouch.

After working out there has been a shocking season average of just 1.65 goals per Villa game (less now with today’s 1-0 Leicester result), the magazine decided to see if there had been a team who managed less since the Premier League was formed in 1992.

Most Boring Premier League Team?

Guess what? Paul Lambert has ANOTHER unwelcome record to add to his collection of failure.

Villa currently have the lowest goals-per-game average since the Premier League’s inception in 1992.

According to Four Four Two magazine, Villa’s closest competition is the Leeds United team of 1996/97, whose games had 1.74 goals per game. It’s hard to find another team to come close to serving up such snooze fests.

Firing Blanks

Villa’s 11 goals in 21 league games is shocking. As the FFT article points out, West Ham have even scored three more goals from just headers (14) than Villa have altogether.

The worst ever scoring record over a full Premier League season was Derby in the 2007/8 season with just 20. With Lambert’s knack for collecting Villa records, scoring less than Derby could be a possibility, if things don’t pick up. Make no mistake, if they score around that 20 mark the club will be finally relegated from the Premier League.

With tough matches against Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea to come in the next three fixtures, the illusion of safety in 13th place will fade sharply. Villa are only three points off relegation, as it stands.

We’re in trouble, but it’s also very boring.


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  1. Well god help us if he is allowed to waste more money. Just watched video of charles gil tho from valencia. He control the ball go past players and has something that nobody we have can do apart from occasionaly westwood . He can pass the ball forward!!! Sign him now!!!! 7.5m for Delph. Grab it quick Pool can have him hell play about 20 games for them over the next 5 years! Problem we have though is even if we get a player than can put a foward pass together once in a game its no good if we dont coach the others to make the occasional run off the ball. Football is a simple game when they have it you mark and close down. When you have it you run into space and give the player with the ball several options. A fact Lamberts teams coaches and players have never understood!!

  2. today was a very big f**king nail in lamberts coffin
    i totally applaud the way we control the ball but today we got caught to many times and gave the ball away
    i can understand if he had addressed the problems with the last third, but it seemed to revert back to lets get the ball to sissoko,,,
    there was a bit more link up play in the first half and it was marginally better,but still no chances and the goal changed everything , and they sat deeper and that was that

    maby this will force him to do something but i just have no confidence in him any more
    today was a sackable performance and we can all see whats coming

  3. We have had four and a half years of rubbish and the rest of football is starting to notice. Yet what is missing is fan organization and protest. Yes, the old style of protest against Deadly did not work. But the conclusion is not that nothing should be or can be done. No bunch of fans has ever made an inefficient owner sit up and beg, but Tom Fox is not a dummy. Does he really sit there thinking this is good? When the money must be drying up? So why not an approach to him? If only in the form of an open letter? Sign one in large numbers and he would have to respond.

    Doing nothing is not an option. WHere is the leadership going to come from? Campaigns can’t guarantee success.. But doing nothing guaruntees failure and relegation is inevitable. For the week to come, lets rally round getting two players in. The Scott Sinclair farce with haggling the only news in the papers is a humiliating farce.

    If Villa can’t get strikers in on loan as we did with Keane what on earth are we playing at? Kamikaze Pilots?

    Trevor FIsher

  4. We want lambert out not tomorrow not next week but tonight now enough is enough poor results are enough to bet any manager the sack and we’ve had enough poor results for two and a half season

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